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Women’s Noses, Nasophilia and Sexual Arousal


At the end of the last dinner with the two widows where the discussion dealt with G’s experience with the forehead and nape of the neck of women, he promised them that he would talk about the nose and ears at the next dinner.

The ladies arrived, and, after cocktails, we all sat down to a very tasty lobster salad, celery root and breaded fried tomato dinner along with a sparkling Spanish white wine which G prefers over champagne with this menu because he believes the gustatory “hit” is far superior. That night no one quarreled with his judgment.

The widows, obviously curious as hell, mentioned that they spoke to a few of their widow friends and none had any sexual experience with their noses but all with their ears. They said they would tell G and me of their findings, but would wait to reveal them after they heard what G had to say. G smiled and began, “I hate to disappoint you ladies tonight but I’m not in the mood to cover both subjects for each is complicated and deserves discussion at separate sessions. But tonight let’s talk about the mysterious and fascinating and sexually largely unexplored female nose and hold off on the ears until the next dinner together.”

I playfully asked the widows whether  G’s declaration ruined their evening. Our widow friend surprisingly lifted her glass of wine and made a toast. “We are more than happy to have received another invitation to dinner with two charming men.”

I then had an idea and made a suggestion that the lady friends with whom the widows discussed the nose-ear subject matter all join us for the next dinner to talk about sex and the ear. Surprisingly, both G and the widows thought it was a great idea. To tell the truth, after I made the suggestion, I did have second thoughts because of the unpredictability of what would happen with five women, three unknown, talking about ears and lady orgasms. But, what the hell: What is life without a little adventure?

G then began. “Now don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not claiming to be an expert on the noses of women and ways to make love to them, their noses, that is, in order to optimize their climaxes. Since our last dinner, I’ve searched my memory bank, which is not the best, regarding what I did and how many women I did it with. With the exception of two of them, their faces are fuzzy but overall I would estimate that I was successful with about six of them, but unsuccessful with a few more.

“But before I get into my experiences, I understand that men are much more into getting turned on by noses than women.  Some call it nasophilia. Their hormones, for example, can surge either just by looking at a woman’s nose or her playing with her own nose while the man watches or when the woman actually makes love to the man’s nose by massaging and sucking it. At the suggestion of a lady friend, I did a brief nasophilia video search on YouTube and discovered that all the videos were about women showing off their protuberances which kind of confirms that it’s a big time man’s thing. But I’m not so sure.

“In the past Lorenzo and I spoke about the scents of nose and the fact that smell can turn on the hormones of both sexes. Few know that the nose can detect millions of scents. The Romans thought body odor or fetor soma as they called it, stimulated sexual fantasies. One of my favorite stories is when Napoleon, after winning a battle, sent a rider on a fast horse back to Paris with a confidential message to his wife Josephine. It read something like, ‘I’ll be home this weekend. Don’t bathe and forget the perfume!’

“Okay, let’s get to the subject matter: My sexual approach to the woman’s nose usually begins with holding the sides of the nostrils between my thumb and forefinger and slowly and rhythmically squeezing and massaging it. Depending on her response, then you go to fingering or tonguing her nostrils. I never sucked the nose. Don’t ask me why, but my instincts must have guided me though I am not against it.  Now I could tell by the initial massage phase whether the woman would respond to further exploration. I would say most of them did not respond, but those who did really loved going all the way. I want to emphasize that, exciting as it is to certain women, it’s not in the superior class of muff diving.”

Our widow friend interrupted and asked, “Can you tell upfront who will respond and who will not? Did drugs play a role?”

“Regarding your second question, I don’t remember but wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Regarding your first question, I could not but I do have a theory. Because most of the women- maybe all of them- had not previously experienced nose love-making, they were uncomfortable as hell, and this understandably turned them off. Also, since our encounters were one night stands, I didn’t want to risk going forward and disrupting the sensual flow of things. If, however, I met them more than once and took my time, maybe many more would have loved it.

The widow’s friend chimed in, “Frankly speaking, G, I can’t imagine a man making love to my nose.”

He smiled and said, “Well, you phrase it like it’s an isolated act, which it is not. You must be doing other things such as making love to and/or whispering in her ears or biting on her nipples or squeezing her clitoris.

“Another thing: You don’t do it upfront but only when she’s excited and on her way to climax when her inhibitions are fewer and she’s more receptive to experimentation.”

With a big smile and devil in her eyes, the widow asked, “G, did any of your women ever make love to your nose?”

With a returning big smile, G replied, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Sex and the Forehead and the Nape of the Neck (Maybe the first time ever described!)


You guessed it! Here we are again with our widow friend and her widow friend having cocktails and discussing sex. Out of the blue, the former asked G how, in his experience, women react to making love to their necks; and, also, how he does it.  G then did what he sometimes does when excited about his subject matter. He plays the role of a professor ready to reveal a sacred truth to his innocent students and assumes a standing position to deliver his lecture.

“Ladies, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll tell you what I remember if only you tell me what you think about what I have to say if, of course, it’s not beyond common boundaries of acceptable conversation. Va bene?”

The ladies agreed with a silent nod.

Then, with serious, philosophical facial language and after raising his arm above his head with his finger pointing toward heaven, he proclaimed, “Ladies, it’s more than the neck but also the forehead. There is no difference between the nape or center of the back of the neck and the center of the forehead during love making. And in the way that I do it, in the majority of times it has little to do with making women come to climax. In all my years of learning about sex, incredible as it may seem, I‘ve never come across this subject. Maybe it has never ever been described. Lorenzo and I never discussed it in the book. Yes, we discussed choking the front of the neck which, along with mind-opening fantasy talk, is perhaps the greatest of all aphrodisiacs- at least in my experience. As I mentioned in past conversations, frequently I had to voluntarily shut it down out of pure fear of asphyxiation because the women didn’t signaled me to stop.”

G paused for a moment and made an observation about himself. “You know something? I’ve never explained the forehead-neck commonality to anyone before, not even to myself.  I just did it by male instinct. Give me a moment to think about it.”

A brief moment of silence followed while the ladies sipped on their beloved Apple martinis and the men on their dry, dry gin ones.

“Okay. Let’s start off with the center of the forehead for the neck is much more of a challenge. In the center of the forehead and just over the nose is a slight crevice or indentation which has a tranquilizing sensitivity to the right type of touch. You place your finger or two on the crevice and  begin searching for and guessing at the receptive area and then place soft, but firm pressure on it. It has to be firm. The fingers can be placed either on the tips or flat and parallel on the surface. They are effective either when they are motionless or moving very slowly back and forth. I found that the solitary forefinger placed firmly authoritatively and motionless on the right spot is the ladies’ favorite.  It’s important to periodically alternate between the two in order to have a superior effect. It’s also important to periodically very firmly place the fleshy bottom of the palm over the crevice with the rest of the hand spread out and extended over and actually grasping the forehead and, in slow circular movements, to very, very slowly massage it. I usually do this at the end.

“Now onto the nape- not the rape- of the neck.” No one said a word, and it was obvious that G regretted his attempt at poetry.

It was obvious that the ladies had questions that they were bursting to ask , but I, Lorenzo, knowing G, silenced them with a glance for G works best uninterrupted when on a trip down memory lane.

He resumed. “In the middle of the nape of the neck, just at the bottom of the skull, is also a crevice or indentation and, like the forehead, has a tranquilizing sensitivity to touch. It, however, it’s logistically more difficult to locate and stimulate the right spot. As with the forehead, after I find the spot I, more or less, use the same movements. Unlike the forehead, the ladies like the feeling for a much briefer period of time. I can’t figure out why for though many times I tried to prolong those moments, it didn’t usually work. Because of the logistical difficulties and briefer moments of pleasure, I visited the neck much less frequently. But I want to emphasize that they both had the same impact when done properly.”

G, obviously very satisfied with himself, let out a broad smile and said, “That’s all ladies. Now I want to ask you some questions.”

No way was that going to happen. You could see that the ladies were bursting at their seams with questions. The widow exclaimed, “Wait a minute, G; not so fast for we have some important questions to ask first. You said these moves have little or nothing to do with sex. If so, why the heck do you make them?”

The widow’s friend then jumped in. “That’s right! And if they don’t come to climax, how do you know that they work?”

G then sat down, gazed at the ceiling and remained silent for about ten seconds wondering how to answer the questions. He lighted his pipe and asked me to refill his and the ladies’ drinks. The ladies love the smell of G’s pipe tobacco.

“Now don’t interrupt my thought until I’m finished for I’m searching my memory bank like a computer- do you think that one day computers will have orgasms? I only made these moves with the more mature and comfortable women. I would estimate about a hundred or more. Though not always, I usually did this after a woman’s first climax and then let her relax and enjoy the moment for herself. The secret of good sex is knowing when to be selfish and when to be giving. Ladies, as I’m sure you know, in sex you have to know when to give and when to take. And if it’s the right woman, here’s what happens almost every time: the woman, probably more relaxed than she many times has ever felt,  goes into a brief twilight zone or actually falls asleep and, would you believe, oftentimes lightly  snores which, for some reason, pleases me. But it’s critical that you hold her, without movement, and keep very, very still with body next to body sharing the warmth of body heat. My God, that’s something that everyman should experience before he hangs up his boots. It’s interesting to note that a man who undergoes such an experience would fall into an almost paralytic, twilight zone as if he were in an opium den forgetting about or incapable of pleasing the woman for the rest of the night. But ladies believe me: the woman, I can’t recall any who did not, revive within what I would estimate a quarter of an hour or so, with a highly energetic surge of what I can call their inherent mother instinct. They become totally selfless and pay attention to satisfying the man’s sexual pleasures. But here’s what’s puzzling: you would think that this would signal the end of the evening. Now the surprise: after the woman’s caring for the man, she is almost immediately ready for another climax with the same intensity as the previous one or ones. As I said before, the man is ready to rest but he cannot for the evening would end up with an unfilled woman, which is a sin against masculinity.

“Now can I ask you ladies my questions?”

“G, if you don’t mind, we have a few more. How do you know you’re in the right spot when in the crevices? Is it because it’s so tiny that you can’t miss it?”

G enthusiastically replied, “That’s the key issue, my love. Even though both zones are small…. How can I explain? Let me think for a second.” While he was thinking we were drinking waiting what could be a new sexual revelation.

“The more that I’m thinking about it, the more I can compare both of them to the clitoris. They have subzones. The small clitoris has a top, bottom, two sides and a highly innervated frenulum helping attach it to the vaginal wall. All can react differently depending how they are stimulated from the dildo to the tongue to the penis along, of course, with fantasy language and a little pain. You have to patiently search for it by feeling your way around, for example, by a moving your finger a fraction of an inch, which is almost always necessary. That’s how complicated sex can be. A fraction of an inch can make the difference between no orgasm, faking one or the best one of her life. Tough to believe, but that’s the way sex is.”

Once more G thought he had explained enough to satisfy the ladies’ curiosity, but once more he was mistaken. The widow’s friend, obviously frustrated, almost pleaded, “G, you haven’t told us how you know you arrived at the right spot!”

G belly laughed, paused and again asked for time to search his memory bank. He began, “Now we are entering my know-how zone which cannot be literarily explained, but I can give it a try for I have thought about this before. The search for the spot or zone begins in silence and then the man must rely on his instincts on how the woman responds. After beginning, many times the woman will say something like, ‘This feels good or nice’ which is the signal that you’ve found the zone. If she doesn’t say anything then I would ask her when I judged that I was in the right zone, ‘Does this bother you?’ and then wait for her response.”

The widow interjected and asked, “Why not just ask whether she likes it instead does it bother her?”

G answered, “That’s a good question, and I don’t have the exact answer except it’s due to reasons of the complicated female mind. In my opinion you can put a woman on  guard and turn off her hormones when you directly ask her if she likes a sexual act for it strikes her an invasion of her privacy and a security threat instead of a liberating movement. Of course, there are exceptions, and I did used that type language in exceptionally high passion situations when a woman very much desires to take the next step in sexual exploration. When one uses the word ‘bother’ it relaxes and gives the woman the option of making a comfortable ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision when deciding to give a man the go-ahead to proceed until he gets it right. Do I make myself clear?

“And now ladies it’s my turn to ask questions. What’s your experience with your napes and your foreheads?”

The widows, with broad smiles, exchanged glances and then our widow friend murmured, “Tonight is the not the night to discuss uninteresting history.”

As we were to tackle dinner, G said “I left out something important. It’s the position factor. When making love to the forehead it’s best that the woman is supine or on her back and you are lying next to her with bodies touching, of course. When loving the neck, however, it’s best to warmly hold the woman in your arms with her face nestled in on your chest which, in addition to it bodily and mental warmness, also makes her neck more easily accessible.

“Right now I can’t think of anything to add so let’s close down on this subject unless you have some last questions or comments.”

There was a brief pause and then the widow commented, “ What about making love to the ears. Is there an art to that?”

G leaned back on his chair and responded, “You bet.”

The widow’s friend then asked, “How about the nose?”

G quickly answered, “You bet.”

It didn’t take a genius to conclude that these two facial appendages would be the subject of their next dinner meeting.

Why G’s Mind-expanding Specific Seductive Six Words?

cary grant 6 wordsava gardner

About a week after we talked about G’s six seductive words which he considers the most mind- expanding of all his love-making experiences, we had dinner with the widow and her widowed girlfriend who had lost three husbands to disease and wasn’t interested in losing the fourth. She went to the finest schools and has a quick mind.

I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but a woman once told me about the three phases of recognition of a beautiful woman. Up until she reaches middle –age, she’s called “beautiful”. During and a little after middle age she is referred to as, “You’re still beautiful”. After that, when she’s into old-age she’s referred to as, “You must have been a beautiful woman”. The widow’s friend, like the widow, falls into the last category. G believes that the loss of a woman’s beauty is proof of the existence of the Devil. Let me qualify that statement before we move on; his definition of a beautiful woman also encompasses, as he says, “her totality”.

It so happens that after the last post I received a couple of calls from our male friends regarding why G used the exact words, “I’d like to explore your mind,” instead of others. And, surprisingly, the widow’s friend asked the same question during martini time. For some reason, I thought G would not appreciate dealing with this issue for I knew it was intellectually a difficult one to answer, and who wants this scenario when dining with two delightful and wise women who must have been beautiful. But he surprised me for he accepted the challenge, but not as in a debate but out of his own curiosity.

The widow’s friend asked why not say, “I want to explore your mind” or “I’m going to explore your mind”? Then the widow asked, “How about, ’I’m interested in learning about your fantasies but stop me if you don’t want to take this adventure’ or ‘Open up your mind and let me enter’?

G smiled broadly and affectionately looked at both of the ladies and said, “Let’s have a toast.” After the toast he added, “You ladies surprised me. You must have discussed this before tonight.”

The ladies exchanged glances sending silent messages whose content I would have loved to have known.

G then began: “This may surprise you but I never planned how or what I would do or say to a woman in, now don’t forget this, our usual only one night encounters. It just came naturally, and what I did developed over time as I experienced more time with women. But there is a commonality in the mind of women, so it didn’t take me long to discover what that is. My god, what a privilege it is to have experienced it in my lifetime.”

The widow’s friend interrupted and asked, “It must be the same with men. That is, a woman in your role can read the commonality in men’s minds.”

“Of course, I did discuss this with some of my open ladies when we were relaxed and open, but let’s talk about it at another time.”

But the widow’s friend was persistent and insisted, “G, give us at least a hint?”

“Yes. It’s seduction, and I’ve discussed that before.

“That’s all I’ll say about that. Now getting back to why the six words, give me a moment to cogitate on it.”

We then began to dig into what G had prepared for dinner: boiled chicken, celery root and a very small pasta noodle with a creamy sauce lightly sprinkled with thinly sliced scallions and a touch of some type of sharp cheese. And, as usual, it was a knock-out gustatory dinner. With it, he served a zinfandel red wine which oenophiles generally look down upon, but it went just right with the food. The guy really knows about pleasure be it in the bedroom or around the dinner table.

He, out of the blue, asked, “Ladies, let me ask you whether you have any ideas why these words may have been more effective than others?”

The widow, while looking at her friend for approval, softly answered, “G, frankly speaking, we are not experts in this world of yours and want to hear what you have to say before we comment. And we will definitely give you our opinions.”

G smiled a smile of understanding, gulped the zinfandel, gazed at the kitchen ceiling and began. “You know, it’s interesting to think about something that you’ve done with so many women but never realized that you never analyzed why you did it or, in this specific case, used certain words to open a woman’s mind, instead of other words.

“But, as I’m thinking, let me start at the endpoint or the woman’s experience, of why I settled on these words. Now in the beginning of my wonderful adventures with women, I honestly don’t remember what kinds of different words or phrases that I used at that critical point in orgasm time. The endpoint of choosing the right ones  was how the women responded and gave me the ‘okay’  to delve more deeply into her mind to achieve what they’ve probably never experienced before and probably never again unless, of course, in their fantasies. Who the hell knows?

“Now, like Lorenzo, I’m getting somewhat clinical and making a diagnosis, but there are two types of responses, and both are always silent. The first, which is the one that fascinates me the most, is when there is total silence – I mean total – without any detectable body movement. Zero! Her silence is, in a real sense, not at all silent but it, somehow and someway, sends me a powerful message that’s she’s ready for me to get to know her more intimately and many voluntarily told me it was a first time experience. Don’t let anyone tell you that silence doesn’t speak for it’s oftentimes more truthful than words! The second is when the woman also remains silent, but makes a very subtle or not so subtle body movement such as slight body stiffening to firmly grasping my forearm. But, in both cases, you must be patient and make sure you receive her go ahead. Now listen to this and how complicated and, yes, mysterious, a woman’s mind is: I don’t recall any woman ever giving me either a verbal okay or a verbal not- to- proceed request. It’s something that always puzzled the shit out of me. But, let me be very clear; the entire process is an art that a man has or doesn’t have. It’s like a seductive woman. She either has it or she doesn’t. Can a man or woman learn this art?  In my experience after advising men, a small percentage can. But there’s no doubt in my mind that sex videos and other media sex avenues  do the opposite regarding ways to achieve the highest level of fantasy sex. Before I forget, fantasy sex is not, as most believe, simply a momentary unreal event. If done right, it’s long-lived and remains in the mind until father time says it’s time to give it up.”

G then paused, and we all returned to forking our dinner making other sex conversation such as what’s happening on college campuses where hormones are flowing and no one knows what to do about it. There has been some talk about male chemical castration but not a word about female chastity belts.

We all agreed that the celery root was really tasty and the widows asked G for his recipe. He refused to surrender it, which disappointed the ladies who love to cook but lost their interest after the death of their husbands whom they loved very much. But now and then they return to the kitchen to cook new things for friends and family.

G then continued: “Look, I don’t have the answer, but let me tell you what I’ve been thinking about since you brought the subject up. When I say, ‘I’d like to,’ this makes a woman comfortable with me for it’s an option for her to accept or refuse. It’s her decision, not mine. You must remember I’ve spent time with her before these words so she has already made a judgment about me before we got to that point. Also, ladies you must give me some credit. I would not speak these words unless I decided the woman wants to go forward but needs an additional fantasy push.”

Then G does what he typically sometimes does to emphasize a point. He stood up between the ladies and looked down upon them from a controlling, authoritative vantage point. “I would not use, ‘I want to explore,’ because the woman would interpret that as that’s what I want to do to please me instead of me pleasing her which robs her of her options. It would put her on her guard and significantly turn- down or even turn-off her fantasy level, and what a tragedy that would be! If I say, ‘I’m going to,’ it sends the same message and reaction. Now nothing is a hundred per cent and some women, probably those into physical punishment more than usual, would probably respond to the previous two requests, but I have no idea if and  how many would. Regarding the other language that you ladies proposed, all that I have to say is that my instincts tell me it won’t work.

“Ladies, that’s all I have to say.”

After dinner, we all had an expresso and then sipped on grappa. There was another pause in the conversation that often occurs when a group is wondering about elusive subject matter. The widow then turned to her friend and remarked, “I don’t know about you, but I like options. How about you?”

Her answer? “What the hell do you think?”


G’s Mind- expanding Six Words to Women

grey picseduction sean connery

It seems that the dinners among me, G and the widow are becoming a regular gathering. This evening G made one of his specialty pastas with gravy he found hard to master until recently:  it’s a sweet- medium hot, light chunky tomato red meatless sauce.  It’s a knockout!

During dinner the widow mentioned that she just saw Fifty Shades of Grey and asked whether we had also seen it, which we hadn’t and, to tell the truth, we’re not that anxious to see it. She remarked that 70 percent of the ticket buyers around the country are females, and it’s highly probable that a good percentage of the men were forcibly dragged there by the ladies. She observed that in three film reviews that she read- all written by women- what turned them on the most were not the physical domination scenes themselves, but the seduction ones where Mr. Grey displayed his masculine strength just by commanding the situation knowing he was in charge of directing everything. She then added that she agreed with the reviewers and, even at her age, that caused her to mentally surrender a little and heat her up a little.  She then asked, “G, what do you think of that?  What’s the difference between physical domination and seduction?”

Much to our surprise, G burst out into robust laughter. “How many times have I been asked that question! It always puzzles me that people don’t know that words or languages were not meant for definition purposes. What the hell is love, and what’s a horse’s ass? Try to define them! In the Casanova book, I address the differences, but there’s lots of overlap so you really can’t clearly separate the two. What is clear, however, is that both deal with control and surrender of one’s will to another in search for sexual satisfaction.  But my experiences taught me that seduction is heavily mental and domination significantly more physical. Seduction is more prone to lead to deeper short and long term relationships than domination. Believe it or not, I had many discussions about this subject with my lady friends in the past while we were relaxing and just talking- which intervals I enjoyed and, to tell you the truth, miss a lot. Now that I’m searching my memory bank, there’s no doubt that my lady friends also felt that seduction, particularly when done on a superior level, could be a more permanent and threatening type of mental submission whereas they were more secure with domination for they felt that it was a short-lived sexual hit and non-psychologically threatening . There’s no doubt that there is a big difference between the two but, to repeat, words cannot adequately describe it.”

G paused, lighted his pipe, puffed away, sipped his wine and, as usual when in deep thought, stared at the ceiling. While still gazing, he observed, “This is what puzzles the shit out of me. There are tons of media outlets on dominatrix sex today usually with a woman portrayed in a black outfit with her breasts bulging from her brassiere  and netted black socks along with black boots verbally commanding while physically punishing a man where he is also required to call her ‘mistress’. In otherwords, it’s mainly a man’s -and not woman’s- fantasy thing that’s on center media stage. Almost everybody now knows the word ‘dominatrix’ but what is the word for a man who dominates women?  There is no commonly accepted word, yet that’s what the Shades book and movie are all about and why women are flocking to it hoping to turn on their fantasies and hoping to mentally take them to bed with their lovers and choose to imagine the appropriate ones at the right time to bring on and maximize their orgasms.”

The widow, obviously real curious, asked, “G, what did you ask the ladies to call you? Dominator?  Did the ladies make up their own names?”

G’s facial expression suddenly turned to one of youthful curiosity like when one is trying to answer a profound philosophic question. “You know, my love, that’s a fascinating question for it can tell a lot about how women perceive a seduction-domination scene. Unlike a dominatrix, most of the times I didn’t demand that a woman addressing me by a specific name. My art was to, in a relaxed kind of way, persistently get her to imagine the fantasy scene that turns her on the most at the critical point of our love-making.  Sure, particularly with the intelligent, attractive women who frequently found it difficult to let loose and after drinks and light doses of recreational substances, I would demand that they call me ‘master’ and, this is interesting to note, now that I think about it: there was almost always a pause before they could pronounce the word, but once they did it was a complete surrender and they would let loose on their thoughts and fantasies.”

We were about to dig into the pasta when the widow observed, “G, there’s no cheese for the pasta on the table. Do you have any?”

“Yes, I do.” And then he remained silent and still.

The widow knew it was up to her to break the silence by asking the logical question. Smiling, she asked, “Well, my friend, where the hell is it?”

Returning her smile with a bigger one, G remarked, “You remind me of Alexis Lichine. Do you remember him?”

“Of course I do. He was married to that beautiful actress, Arlene Dahl, and had a vineyard somewhere in France and, I believe, sold his wine here. G, how in the world  did you connect that guy with me and the cheese? “

“Well, in those days Europeans rarely used ice cubes in their drinks or even refrigerated them including soda water. I remember when I first started going there in the sixties, I had to ask the bartenders to go to the kitchen, where there were big ice blocks, and chip away at them and put the chips in my martini. I was considered, in an affectionate way, an oddball American, and, frankly speaking,  I enjoyed having that image. We had lots of laughs over this, which is tough to explain why.”

“G, I’m happy that you were happy, but, once more, what has that to do with the goddamn  cheese?”

“Well, Lichine said that Americans, because of their love of cold drinks, were born with refrigerators in their mouths, and I say the same with cheese and pasta. Instead of initially tasting the pasta without cheese, they automatically pour the stuff over the pasta before the first taste masking the taste of a potentially knock-out sauce. Generally speaking, I first taste the sauce and pasta without the cheese and then make the decision whether  or not to sprinkle it over the pasta. If the taste is good, I forego the cheese though I sometimes add it on at the end for an additional gustatory hit. If the sauce is not good, then, without hesitation, I sprinkle the cheese up front.”

G then stood up, walked to the kitchen counter and brought the cheese bowl to the table and, with playful, but challenging eyes, placed it directly in front of her as if it were a dare.

The wise widow, while returning his playful look with her playful one, which is one of the most pleasurable moments between a man and a woman, gently pushed the bowl aside and began to cautiously taste the cheese- less pasta. After our first forkfuls and wine gulps, the widow made a request. “G, I am not letting you off the hook. The next time I get together with my lady friends I know that the Shades movie will be on the agenda. I want to have ‘one up’ on them. Based on your experience, give me one example of one of your most effective domination scenes and one of your seduction ones.”

For some unfathomable reason, G remained silent and appeared agitated. Observing this, I, Lorenzo, asked, “G, what’s cooking?”

For whatever reason, he abruptly stood up and stared at both of us. “Frankly speaking, I’ve, in one way or another, addressed this question many times in the past and am in no mood to answer them tonight or anytime soon.”

Now looking at the widow, he added, “If you’re looking for some kind of sexual secret that’s exclusive with me, I’m sure it doesn’t exist and other men have discovered it and women loved it. But I will tell you about those six of my favorite words that I occasionally but carefully used which took me closest to a woman by opening up her mind than any other thing that I did. Many would call it ‘fantasy’ which is okay. I, however, prefer the word ‘reality’ which is a broader term of what sex is all about where fantasy is a subdivision of it. Am I getting too complicated?”

The widow, with a woman’s curiosity oozing from her body language, responded, “Not at all, G. Keep going.”

“Now I want to emphasize that this is not for everybody for they have to be spoken at the right time to the right woman, and she has to be absolutely convinced that you mean it and can do it. I, of course, only used these 6 words when we were on our way and the woman was sexually stimulated and mentally comfortable to where we were going.  The words, when taken out on context, don’t seem like much but, believe me, they can be powerfully mind releasing. A few times the response was so emotionally heavy and explosive that I decided to back down, which was tough to do because the ladies passionately wanted to continue. And let me tell you I learned so much about women in those sessions. They were beautiful moments.”

G then leaned forward, softly cuddled the widow’s hand between both of his and teasingly asked, “Are you ready to hear them?”


“I’d like to explore your mind.”

G, His Sex Slave Ladies Part III: Clitoral Exploration

Triology Part I: G’s Sex Slave Ladies & Part II: The Need of The GMD

Clitoris – from the Greek root word kleitoris meaning “little hill”

 shutterstock_76982275 image 29 APO Orgasm

G and I do periodically watch porno videos on the Internet for educational purposes for they weren’t around during our prime and tell us what kinds of things are turning men and women on sexually these days. Now many of you are now thinking these videos are also turning us on, and there’s nothing I can say to dissuade you except to say we are almost over the hill! In fact, they are a big turn-off for G for oftentimes he becomes visibly frustrated and pissed-off while watching all kinds of sex scenes from straight sex to domination. He claims, and I agree, they are boring as hell for those who seek high level sexual experiences. It’s not that he’s against simple, non- sophisticated sex encounters which the videos show for that’s what has been the way sex has been for almost every man and woman since Eve bit the hormone saturated apple.

Regarding the videos which deal with scenes of clitoral stimulation between men and women and lesbians, and in order to refresh our memories about their techniques, we recently watched about a dozen of them. After watching them, G and I poured ourselves a martini and analyzed them as well as others in the past. G lighted his pipe and calmly commented, “Lorenzo, they are all the same; just mechanical. They just use their fingers to rapidly rub up and down the surface of the clitoris. When using the tongue, it’s like a dog licking water to quench its thirst. The use of the tongue and the fingers in this way could be carried out by an inanimate vibrator successfully leading to orgasms in most women.” Then G paused and said, “I’ll take that back. Judged by my experience, I’m not so sure that most women would respond and just fake it in order to please their man. I just don’t know but I have a feeling that a healthy percentage of my women would not. But who knows? There are no good clinical studies, like most such studies on sex, to tell us. But, in my experience, I know about higher level sex with women and how making love to the clitoris plays a crucial role. And before I forget, sometimes the clitoris is not at all important and can get in the way of a woman having her orgasm. Maybe I should do a post on this. When clitoral stimulation is not working, stop it and switch to other things. On the other hand, it may not be working because of the routine way that’s usually done. It’s like women giving lousy hand or blow jobs which are common. Once more, on the other hand, men appear to be happy with these poor performances because of their surging hormones. I, however, mainly know about men from what I hear from women, male friends and their friends over the years and also read about. Lorenzo, sex is really complicated, isn’t it?”

As we sipped on our martinis, there was a pause, and I sensed that G was losing interest and not inclined to discuss in depth the subject of this post, which is, to repeat, the way to maximally stimulate the clitoris. I was about to change the subject in order to recharge his batteries and talk about one of G’s favorite subjects, food, when he suddenly burst out into laughter. I, curious as hell to know where that came from, asked, “G, what was that all about?” He, with a broad smile explained, “George Clooney, who I hear is a nice guy and a way out left political liberal and celebrity friend of Obama. He has been encouraged to run for political office by his supporters and, I think, even president. In an interview a few years ago, I think in Newsweek, when asked whether he had such interest, he answered, ‘I fucked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth.’ Can you imagine a presidential candidate making that confession? It’s okay if the best neurosurgeon in America makes that confession for a patient wouldn’t give a shit, but our president? We’ve got to get over the fact that many great men are great sinners and great leaders.

Reinvigorated, G then leaned back on his chair with his lingering broad smile, lighted his pipe and sippes on his martini and then said, “Let’s get on to the fascinating clitoris, the female penis. Look, we’ve talked about this marvelous appendage in previous posts before, and I’m not going to discuss it in lengthy detail. And, in my experience, women have the greatest clitoral sensations and orgasms, by far, when made love by GMD muff-diving. But let’s forget that for the moment and get to basics. I described them before either on the posts or in our book, but don’t remember exactly what I said, so let me start from scratch, but make it brief.”

There was a pause and, as G usually does when thinking about how to put things together, he gazed at the ceiling in silence. After a few more puffs and a few more sips, he began his clitoral dissertation like an instructor of anatomy in medical school. “As I see it there are five zones of the clitoris: The top, the bottom, two sides and the base which is connected to the vaginal wall. All are heavily innervated for good reason for that’s how nature encourages women, with exceptions, to spread their legs and welcome the entrance of the male penis in order to have children in order to propagate the race. It’s called evolution.”

Though I hated to interrupt his flow of thought, I feared I would forget to question one point of his opening statement and asked, “G, what do you mean when you say ‘with exceptions’?”

“Lorenzo, you know that when I keep repeating that I’m only talking about my experiences with different types of ladies and maybe the sexual world today is different. But I don’t think so. With a number of my ladies the clitoris was insensitive which is not surprising because natural feelings, be they mental or physical, biologically vary. Some folks are tall and some are not. Some smart and some not. Some clitorises are generally sensitive and some are not. Being sexually insensitive is normal for many women. So why the surprise? With such ladies there are other ways to make them relax and bring them to climax, perhaps the best, being the GMD way. But let me add the factors of opening their minds with palliatives and ‘speaking’ to a woman to bring out their fantasies which go hand in glove with clitoral stimulation.

“What I experienced is that you have to search for what zone or zones are sensitive. For example, just by gently and slowly flipping, yes, flipping, the zones of the clitoris leads to arousal, but mostly effective with the top and bottom zones and less effective with the side zones. In fact, sometimes all zones are sensitive. Before I forget, just placing your fingers on the clitoris pressing and putting real pressure on it for at least five seconds without moving your fingers is highly effective, but not in the beginning of clitoral stimulation for it can have the opposite effect. Wait until she’s clearly aroused. The same when kneeing it.”

“Wait a minute, G. Did you say, ‘kneeing it’? What the hell is that?”

“Lorenzo, you’re old and your memory is fading. Sometimes that’s good for life holds many bad memories which are best to forget, but we discussed this in the book and forgetting something you wrote about not too long ago -that’s attention grabbing and is not good news. Kneeing is similar to putting pressure on the clitoris. When a woman is fully aroused, spread her legs widely and periodically ram- and I mean ram- your knee against the entire pubic zone. I don’t remember, but I would say about fifty percent of them are turned on bigtime and the rest either are neutral about it or are turned off. You’ll know quickly after a few rams. I hate to be repetitious, but you’re doing other things while you’re ramming to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. Just as an historical observation, I don’t remember any woman who experienced knee ramming before she experienced this with me.”

“G, before I forget, did you use vibrators? Though I’ve have no solid information, I’m told that they’re so common now and women even carry them around in their pocketbooks, even at work. I’m almost sure that lots of traveling women have extra-large pocketbooks.”

“Lorenzo, it’s funny that you mention this. You must have been reading my mind for I was considering bringing the subject up, but decided not to. Yes, I did use vibrators some of which were the size of penis-size dildos and some much smaller. But I never owned one. It was the women who carried them and asked me to use them. Now some had non-vibrating dildos which for some reason- don’t ask me why- I refused to use. But the vibrating ones interested me- again, don’t ask me why and perhaps out of curiosity. I had great success with them even though my experience was limited to about twenty times. After the first few times, I managed to master its use, and maybe that’s the subject of another post. But, in my experience it should not play a major role to bring a woman to climax but serve only as a catalyst. And it should be used, either directly on the clitoris or in the vagina- slowly!”

I sensed that G was running out of gas, as usual in our interviews, and decided to ask only one more question. “G, one more question. How about the fifth zone that you mentioned; the base of the clitoris?”

Once more G sat back and gazed at the ceiling. “That’s a tough one to describe for, in a funny way, it requires timing and know-how. I used it early in the arousal phase and not before- for it’s counterproductive. With your thumb and forefinger you firmly grasp the base and squeeze and make no movement for at least a few seconds. I found that most women enjoyed this but nowhere like the GMD.”

The interview ended on this note.








G, His Sex Slave Ladies Part I: (The Need of the GMD, Part II and Clitoral Exploration Part III, to Follow in Separate Posts)


I recently received a call from a man about 50 years old who read the Casanova book and was fascinated by the chapter, G and Black Women, where G describes a scene with an exceptionally sensual black lady during the 80’s who he describes as having thunder thighs which, in his experience is a rarity.  While they were in bed and their hormones were skyrocketing, she pleaded, “You’re a strong man, and I want to be your slave. Please command me. I am your nigger.” The 50 year old thought it was a pretty heavy scene, but G didn’t. ”It’s routine. Slavery and sex go together like a hand and glove. I have no good explanation but there’s no doubt it has to do with the BGL, the Brain Genital Law described in previous posts. This has nothing to do with culture and race. There were more slaves than citizens in Rome and Greece, and you can bet that lots of lady slaves were turned on by their masters. I have little knowledge of the man- slave- sex situation, but it ain’t hard to make some educated guesses.

‘Look, Lorenzo, seduction, domination and various forms of sado-masochism are all forms of slavery where men and women surrender their will and, as a result,  become sexually excited and experience tremendous orgasms they would never  have experienced as free men and women. We have a cultural problem using the word ‘slavery’ but that’s what all these sexual acts are- pure and simple.  For whatever reason, loss of both mental and physical self-control fires up the brain, penis and clitoris to superheated temperatures. But I do want to emphasize that I’m mainly talking about part time or voluntary slavery and not that of a conquered people. But without doubt, Lorenzo, my ladies who had the most profound, prolonged and numerous orgasms were my slave ones. You’d be surprised what some of them asked of me. One voluptuous Jewish lady asked me to play a dominating Egyptian king of the Old Testament and treat her as a slave servant in a heavy way.  She begged me to call her my ‘Jew cunt’. Now, let me add an observation. There’s much more to a sex-slave scene than the master running the show for it can be a two-way street. The right slave can inspire the master to perform at a much higher level than usual and enjoy it more. That night, inspired by her inspiring submissive behavior, I couldn’t have been a better master pharaoh and reached higher than normal levels of a master’s performance. You know I felt like I was in a Stanislavski acting mindset where I actually, in my mind, became the goddamn pharaoh.”

“Well, G, I never heard or read about that kind of interaction before but it sure does make sense. Why not tell us more about some other more interesting slave scenes?”

G laughed and said that they were all interesting, but that it was complicated enough to describe them in the book, let alone in a post. Then he said, “Actions speaks louder than words.” This is the most I got out of him:  He then continued: “Let me first clear the air and say I don’t do dungeons either in dungeons or hotel suites.  I was not impressed by the sado-masochistic recreational red room in the erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

My experience with slavery always involved- and I mean always- both physical and mental approaches. It’s difficult to divide the amount of time I spend on each one for I almost do both at the same time or, rather, mix them up and decide when to concentrate more on one than on the other or both at the same time. You have to first explore and then read how the woman responds. I’ll be squeezing just off the side of her nipple or labia while whispering domination scenes which, to repeat, is nothing more than slavery interpreted as real by the brain. Maybe because it’s part time it makes the brain free itself of inhibitions that it wouldn’t do if it were full time, but, honestly speaking, I’m not so sure about this for many conditions of long term domination in couples there are no good data on the impact it has on sexual pleasure, particularly orgasms.

“I want to once more emphasize that the more I convinced a woman that she’s losing control and surrendering it to others, which is usually me and occasionally in the presence of another woman but mostly done verbally, the greater the sexual experience. Notice, I said, when speaking of the physical presence of another or ménage à trois, I mention a woman and not man, but do bring up men in verbal domination acts. Though a number of women have expressed their fantasies to me with actually being with two men, that’s another story which maybe we can talk about in a future post. But I want to make it clear that I’ve only been with another man and lady once, and it’s not for me. Chacun à son goût.

“As I said in previous posts but will repeat: in my adventures, straight sex thrills are no match for slave- domination-seduction sex. Though I have little personal follow-up get togethers with my ladies, there’s little doubt that once a woman experiences mental-physical orgasms, she’ll find it more difficult to have a climax by straight sex alone unless she has the capacity to fantasize her past slavery scenes during the act. But, even if she never experience such scenes, there’s little doubt in my mind that such scenes come to mind in a number of them simply because many told me this after their first actual experience with me. I cannot emphasize enough how it’s embedded in the goddamn BGL of the brain, like the food-hunger center, and how few know how to release and enjoy it and it’s probably due to the fact that it can become a dangerous thing.

“Lorenzo, here are some other points that I’ve mentioned in the past but will repeat: the more attractive and intelligent a woman the more she loves  slavery scenarios, but it’s more difficult for them to let loose; recreational drugs can be the bridge from the almost impossible to the possible, but I’m not talking about heavy use. Highly effective slavery talk frequently involves a scene where the woman loses control to another woman along with me or her boyfriend or her husband loses control to her best girlfriend or other types of scenes like this. You have to probe to find out about certain facts or feelings before you move forward or else it will be counterproductive. But once more and to emphasize, selective physical punishment is part of the verbal slavery scene, and it must be at the right dose. If too light or too heavy the woman may turn off. In everything I do, dosing is key!”

“G, I hate to interrupt you, but how many times has it been counterproductive with you?”

There followed an unusually long pause followed by light laughter. “Lorenzo, now don’t ask me to explain but I can recall maybe one or two times when I thought the opportunity was there, and the lady shut me down.”

Then there followed another unusually long pause which puzzled me for I didn’t ask him a question. He, as usual when he’s in deep thought, was heavily puffing on his pipe. Then he kind of let loose on things that have been on his mind. “Lorenzo, in domination or slavery scenes, the right way to perform muff diving and clitoris manipulation are almost always key to reach the highest level of sexual perfection and satisfaction. Before we made the decision to write the book, I began to view porno videos- and still do- on the computer, and what I see is both laughable and sad. They’ve got to be kidding. The scenes on cunnilingus and manual clitoral manipulation are for the amateurs. I’m sorry I said these things for I sound like a snob, and I take them back. Because of the natural sensitivity of various pelvic zones, just a little stimulation, unsophisticated as it might be, can and should do the job bringing about the desired orgasms. Evolution knows we all can’t be great lovers, so it makes easier to become sexually excited, copulate and have babies in order to propagate the race. After all, that’s what it’s all originally about.

“What I’m talking about has nothing to do with the purpose of evolution to make babies but a higher level of pleasure based on these sexual evolutionary gifts which few experience before their sexual life is put to sleep. There are two magnificent acts which I’ll talk about in the next two posts both of which, though tough they have great value in general, have a spectacular effect in domination or slavery encounters. The first is the art of muff diving or MD which has no relationship to what is portrayed as cunnilingus in the videos. Not close. I call it the GMD which represents my personal detailed way of doing it where the face actually becomes physically and emotionally one with the pelvic perineal zone. The second deals with the unexplored clitoris which has all kinds of unexplored, hidden sensitivity zones which women don’t even know they have and how to search for and activate them.”

magritte art


G and The Big Sur Taoist Gal – Chapter from The Man Who Made Love to More Women Than Casanova

Tao photo

Poor Guy! Sacrificing His Yang for Her Yin!


“It happened at Big Sur in California, where I gave a talk on my work. After the talk, I was approached by a very tall and attractive Eurasian lady who had lots of questions about my presentation. It was late in the afternoon, and martini time had arrived, so I asked if we could continue our conversation in the bar lounge. I was pretty sure that she would order a drink like club soda with a lemon spritz. I was wrong. She joined me with a martini. She was a very bright lady and handled herself with a subtle air of superiority. Not that she was a snob or anything like that, but her manner of speech and body language sent out a message that she was on a higher level than the average woman. After our session, we shook hands and parted ways. I showed no interest in seeing her again, and that was the truth.

My father used to tell me that there’s a time and a place for everything and quoted Ecclesiastes: ‘For everything there is a season.’ That night, my season was to be alone. Mind you, I might not have even succeeded in wooing her even to dinner. I’ve been turned down many times in my lifetime, and it usually doesn’t bother me at all—if ever. The more you desire a woman, the more difficult it is to handle her rejection. Take a lesson from Buddha!

I had planned to attend the morning session of the conference the next day and was booked on a flight back to New York later that afternoon. That morning, while I was in the pre-conference breakfast room, in walked the Eurasian. She looked stunning, and I immediately wondered how much time she’d spent preparing herself for her impressive entrance. Many of the guys couldn’t take their eyes off of her. I, as usual, turned my back to her and began reading the conference program. I can’t tell you why, but I had a hunch that she wanted to speak with me. And my intuition was correct. I was the guy that she was looking for. I wondered why she had dressed-to-kill for our encounter.

She tapped me on the shoulder, and here’s how it went. She told me she’d thought about our discussion and had come up with a commercial idea but wanted my help in putting together a business plan, because of my knowledge of a particular market. While speaking, she layered on a healthy but subtle dose of body-language sensuality, and let me tell you, she was very good at it. Then came the surprise. She lived near Big Sur and invited me to her home for dinner that night to further discuss her business plan. She told me she was not a great cook but hoped I would be happy with her culinary skills. Well, Lorenzo, what would you have done if you were in my shoes? Cancel the flight, right?”

“You bet your life. I wouldn’t even rebook until the night was over and I knew whether there would be another day, which is unusual for me.”

“When she opened the door, what I saw was a temporary vision of pure, sensual beauty.”

“G, what do you mean by ‘temporary’?”

“Because she very, very especially made herself up for the evening, and the next morning, her beauty would be markedly diminished. Get it? Anyway, she wore a white hanging kimono that draped down to her ankles, with marvelous slits that showed her legs and just-right views of her breasts. She puzzled me when she said that a martini would not be appropriate for that evening. That turned on my antennae that this was not going to be a normal evening, and I knew the business plan might never be discussed, let alone mentioned. We began with red Bordeaux, and then a very complicated and intriguing evening was launched, but I’ll make the story short. She was, would you believe, a bona fide Taoist.

Taoism is an old Chinese philosophy that concerns itself a lot with sex. Briefly put, it deals with yin and yang and sexual energy. A man’s yang, not his wang—ha-ha!—is in his semen, but there’s a limited supply. A woman’s yin, which is contained in her vaginal fluids, is limitless and is the fuel to increase a man’s vital energy.

So these clever Taoist women convinced the naive male that he should withhold his ejaculation and orgasm for as long as possible so he could absorb the energy from the yin of her vaginal secretions while she had her orgasms and enjoyed herself.

I surprised her when I told her I knew something about Taoism, and it was a privilege to meet my first practicing member. I wanted to add that she shouldn’t expect a marathon from me, however, because my yang was okay and in no need of help, but I didn’t. Suddenly, I observed that there were no pots or pans on the stove, which further increased my curiosity about what this lady was up to. She must have read my mind, and she brought a plate of assorted appetizers and placed it on the coffee table in front of the sofa. She disappeared for a moment and returned with, would you believe, a water pipe—and asked me to join her in puffing. Though I hadn’t the slightest idea of what I would be puffing, I decided to go along, even though I was aware that it might limit my yang’s ability to increase her yin or the other way around.

Well, I smoked the stuff, and it really hit my brain. It not only made my genitals more sensitive but also caused the stem to arise. Also, it made her look more sensual than before, which is saying a lot. She slowly escorted me to her bed, and I managed to, after a long session, increase her yin without releasing my yang. After that, we stretched out in bed, side by side, and I still felt somewhat relaxed and concluded that sex for the night was over and I would shortly call a cab after my head cleared.

She suddenly placed her body on top of mine. The intense warmth I felt was both unexpected and welcomed. She then went to the living room and brought back the pipe to the bedside. I really wasn’t in the mood, but when a sensual Eurasian lady says to you, ‘Smoke a little more, for it’s my turn,’ who the hell could refuse such an offer? We took a couple of puffs, and the relaxation effect on me was pretty strong. It, however, energized her big time. We embraced, not hugged, for a while. She artfully and slowly massaged my genitals and created a crescendo type of stimulation like the Tantric ladies are reputed to do. Frankly speaking, I was a little bit worried about my heart, for it was racing a mile a minute.

She continued with one of the greatest performances of oral sex that I’d encountered, and the orgasm could not have been more sublime!

Needless to say, we never got around to her business plan. I, shaky as I was, managed to leave during the middle of the night and, like with most of the others, never saw her again.”

“G, you mentioned Tantric sex. What the hell is that?”

To be continued in the next chapter – “G and The Tantric Gal”
shutterstock_106774478%20[Converted][1].jpg Image #16 Tantric Gal

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