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Women’s Noses, Nasophilia and Sexual Arousal


At the end of the last dinner with the two widows where the discussion dealt with G’s experience with the forehead and nape of the neck of women, he promised them that he would talk about the nose and ears at the next dinner.

The ladies arrived, and, after cocktails, we all sat down to a very tasty lobster salad, celery root and breaded fried tomato dinner along with a sparkling Spanish white wine which G prefers over champagne with this menu because he believes the gustatory “hit” is far superior. That night no one quarreled with his judgment.

The widows, obviously curious as hell, mentioned that they spoke to a few of their widow friends and none had any sexual experience with their noses but all with their ears. They said they would tell G and me of their findings, but would wait to reveal them after they heard what G had to say. G smiled and began, “I hate to disappoint you ladies tonight but I’m not in the mood to cover both subjects for each is complicated and deserves discussion at separate sessions. But tonight let’s talk about the mysterious and fascinating and sexually largely unexplored female nose and hold off on the ears until the next dinner together.”

I playfully asked the widows whether  G’s declaration ruined their evening. Our widow friend surprisingly lifted her glass of wine and made a toast. “We are more than happy to have received another invitation to dinner with two charming men.”

I then had an idea and made a suggestion that the lady friends with whom the widows discussed the nose-ear subject matter all join us for the next dinner to talk about sex and the ear. Surprisingly, both G and the widows thought it was a great idea. To tell the truth, after I made the suggestion, I did have second thoughts because of the unpredictability of what would happen with five women, three unknown, talking about ears and lady orgasms. But, what the hell: What is life without a little adventure?

G then began. “Now don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not claiming to be an expert on the noses of women and ways to make love to them, their noses, that is, in order to optimize their climaxes. Since our last dinner, I’ve searched my memory bank, which is not the best, regarding what I did and how many women I did it with. With the exception of two of them, their faces are fuzzy but overall I would estimate that I was successful with about six of them, but unsuccessful with a few more.

“But before I get into my experiences, I understand that men are much more into getting turned on by noses than women.  Some call it nasophilia. Their hormones, for example, can surge either just by looking at a woman’s nose or her playing with her own nose while the man watches or when the woman actually makes love to the man’s nose by massaging and sucking it. At the suggestion of a lady friend, I did a brief nasophilia video search on YouTube and discovered that all the videos were about women showing off their protuberances which kind of confirms that it’s a big time man’s thing. But I’m not so sure.

“In the past Lorenzo and I spoke about the scents of nose and the fact that smell can turn on the hormones of both sexes. Few know that the nose can detect millions of scents. The Romans thought body odor or fetor soma as they called it, stimulated sexual fantasies. One of my favorite stories is when Napoleon, after winning a battle, sent a rider on a fast horse back to Paris with a confidential message to his wife Josephine. It read something like, ‘I’ll be home this weekend. Don’t bathe and forget the perfume!’

“Okay, let’s get to the subject matter: My sexual approach to the woman’s nose usually begins with holding the sides of the nostrils between my thumb and forefinger and slowly and rhythmically squeezing and massaging it. Depending on her response, then you go to fingering or tonguing her nostrils. I never sucked the nose. Don’t ask me why, but my instincts must have guided me though I am not against it.  Now I could tell by the initial massage phase whether the woman would respond to further exploration. I would say most of them did not respond, but those who did really loved going all the way. I want to emphasize that, exciting as it is to certain women, it’s not in the superior class of muff diving.”

Our widow friend interrupted and asked, “Can you tell upfront who will respond and who will not? Did drugs play a role?”

“Regarding your second question, I don’t remember but wouldn’t be surprised if they did. Regarding your first question, I could not but I do have a theory. Because most of the women- maybe all of them- had not previously experienced nose love-making, they were uncomfortable as hell, and this understandably turned them off. Also, since our encounters were one night stands, I didn’t want to risk going forward and disrupting the sensual flow of things. If, however, I met them more than once and took my time, maybe many more would have loved it.

The widow’s friend chimed in, “Frankly speaking, G, I can’t imagine a man making love to my nose.”

He smiled and said, “Well, you phrase it like it’s an isolated act, which it is not. You must be doing other things such as making love to and/or whispering in her ears or biting on her nipples or squeezing her clitoris.

“Another thing: You don’t do it upfront but only when she’s excited and on her way to climax when her inhibitions are fewer and she’s more receptive to experimentation.”

With a big smile and devil in her eyes, the widow asked, “G, did any of your women ever make love to your nose?”

With a returning big smile, G replied, “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

Sex and the Forehead and the Nape of the Neck (Maybe the first time ever described!)


You guessed it! Here we are again with our widow friend and her widow friend having cocktails and discussing sex. Out of the blue, the former asked G how, in his experience, women react to making love to their necks; and, also, how he does it.  G then did what he sometimes does when excited about his subject matter. He plays the role of a professor ready to reveal a sacred truth to his innocent students and assumes a standing position to deliver his lecture.

“Ladies, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll tell you what I remember if only you tell me what you think about what I have to say if, of course, it’s not beyond common boundaries of acceptable conversation. Va bene?”

The ladies agreed with a silent nod.

Then, with serious, philosophical facial language and after raising his arm above his head with his finger pointing toward heaven, he proclaimed, “Ladies, it’s more than the neck but also the forehead. There is no difference between the nape or center of the back of the neck and the center of the forehead during love making. And in the way that I do it, in the majority of times it has little to do with making women come to climax. In all my years of learning about sex, incredible as it may seem, I‘ve never come across this subject. Maybe it has never ever been described. Lorenzo and I never discussed it in the book. Yes, we discussed choking the front of the neck which, along with mind-opening fantasy talk, is perhaps the greatest of all aphrodisiacs- at least in my experience. As I mentioned in past conversations, frequently I had to voluntarily shut it down out of pure fear of asphyxiation because the women didn’t signaled me to stop.”

G paused for a moment and made an observation about himself. “You know something? I’ve never explained the forehead-neck commonality to anyone before, not even to myself.  I just did it by male instinct. Give me a moment to think about it.”

A brief moment of silence followed while the ladies sipped on their beloved Apple martinis and the men on their dry, dry gin ones.

“Okay. Let’s start off with the center of the forehead for the neck is much more of a challenge. In the center of the forehead and just over the nose is a slight crevice or indentation which has a tranquilizing sensitivity to the right type of touch. You place your finger or two on the crevice and  begin searching for and guessing at the receptive area and then place soft, but firm pressure on it. It has to be firm. The fingers can be placed either on the tips or flat and parallel on the surface. They are effective either when they are motionless or moving very slowly back and forth. I found that the solitary forefinger placed firmly authoritatively and motionless on the right spot is the ladies’ favorite.  It’s important to periodically alternate between the two in order to have a superior effect. It’s also important to periodically very firmly place the fleshy bottom of the palm over the crevice with the rest of the hand spread out and extended over and actually grasping the forehead and, in slow circular movements, to very, very slowly massage it. I usually do this at the end.

“Now onto the nape- not the rape- of the neck.” No one said a word, and it was obvious that G regretted his attempt at poetry.

It was obvious that the ladies had questions that they were bursting to ask , but I, Lorenzo, knowing G, silenced them with a glance for G works best uninterrupted when on a trip down memory lane.

He resumed. “In the middle of the nape of the neck, just at the bottom of the skull, is also a crevice or indentation and, like the forehead, has a tranquilizing sensitivity to touch. It, however, it’s logistically more difficult to locate and stimulate the right spot. As with the forehead, after I find the spot I, more or less, use the same movements. Unlike the forehead, the ladies like the feeling for a much briefer period of time. I can’t figure out why for though many times I tried to prolong those moments, it didn’t usually work. Because of the logistical difficulties and briefer moments of pleasure, I visited the neck much less frequently. But I want to emphasize that they both had the same impact when done properly.”

G, obviously very satisfied with himself, let out a broad smile and said, “That’s all ladies. Now I want to ask you some questions.”

No way was that going to happen. You could see that the ladies were bursting at their seams with questions. The widow exclaimed, “Wait a minute, G; not so fast for we have some important questions to ask first. You said these moves have little or nothing to do with sex. If so, why the heck do you make them?”

The widow’s friend then jumped in. “That’s right! And if they don’t come to climax, how do you know that they work?”

G then sat down, gazed at the ceiling and remained silent for about ten seconds wondering how to answer the questions. He lighted his pipe and asked me to refill his and the ladies’ drinks. The ladies love the smell of G’s pipe tobacco.

“Now don’t interrupt my thought until I’m finished for I’m searching my memory bank like a computer- do you think that one day computers will have orgasms? I only made these moves with the more mature and comfortable women. I would estimate about a hundred or more. Though not always, I usually did this after a woman’s first climax and then let her relax and enjoy the moment for herself. The secret of good sex is knowing when to be selfish and when to be giving. Ladies, as I’m sure you know, in sex you have to know when to give and when to take. And if it’s the right woman, here’s what happens almost every time: the woman, probably more relaxed than she many times has ever felt,  goes into a brief twilight zone or actually falls asleep and, would you believe, oftentimes lightly  snores which, for some reason, pleases me. But it’s critical that you hold her, without movement, and keep very, very still with body next to body sharing the warmth of body heat. My God, that’s something that everyman should experience before he hangs up his boots. It’s interesting to note that a man who undergoes such an experience would fall into an almost paralytic, twilight zone as if he were in an opium den forgetting about or incapable of pleasing the woman for the rest of the night. But ladies believe me: the woman, I can’t recall any who did not, revive within what I would estimate a quarter of an hour or so, with a highly energetic surge of what I can call their inherent mother instinct. They become totally selfless and pay attention to satisfying the man’s sexual pleasures. But here’s what’s puzzling: you would think that this would signal the end of the evening. Now the surprise: after the woman’s caring for the man, she is almost immediately ready for another climax with the same intensity as the previous one or ones. As I said before, the man is ready to rest but he cannot for the evening would end up with an unfilled woman, which is a sin against masculinity.

“Now can I ask you ladies my questions?”

“G, if you don’t mind, we have a few more. How do you know you’re in the right spot when in the crevices? Is it because it’s so tiny that you can’t miss it?”

G enthusiastically replied, “That’s the key issue, my love. Even though both zones are small…. How can I explain? Let me think for a second.” While he was thinking we were drinking waiting what could be a new sexual revelation.

“The more that I’m thinking about it, the more I can compare both of them to the clitoris. They have subzones. The small clitoris has a top, bottom, two sides and a highly innervated frenulum helping attach it to the vaginal wall. All can react differently depending how they are stimulated from the dildo to the tongue to the penis along, of course, with fantasy language and a little pain. You have to patiently search for it by feeling your way around, for example, by a moving your finger a fraction of an inch, which is almost always necessary. That’s how complicated sex can be. A fraction of an inch can make the difference between no orgasm, faking one or the best one of her life. Tough to believe, but that’s the way sex is.”

Once more G thought he had explained enough to satisfy the ladies’ curiosity, but once more he was mistaken. The widow’s friend, obviously frustrated, almost pleaded, “G, you haven’t told us how you know you arrived at the right spot!”

G belly laughed, paused and again asked for time to search his memory bank. He began, “Now we are entering my know-how zone which cannot be literarily explained, but I can give it a try for I have thought about this before. The search for the spot or zone begins in silence and then the man must rely on his instincts on how the woman responds. After beginning, many times the woman will say something like, ‘This feels good or nice’ which is the signal that you’ve found the zone. If she doesn’t say anything then I would ask her when I judged that I was in the right zone, ‘Does this bother you?’ and then wait for her response.”

The widow interjected and asked, “Why not just ask whether she likes it instead does it bother her?”

G answered, “That’s a good question, and I don’t have the exact answer except it’s due to reasons of the complicated female mind. In my opinion you can put a woman on  guard and turn off her hormones when you directly ask her if she likes a sexual act for it strikes her an invasion of her privacy and a security threat instead of a liberating movement. Of course, there are exceptions, and I did used that type language in exceptionally high passion situations when a woman very much desires to take the next step in sexual exploration. When one uses the word ‘bother’ it relaxes and gives the woman the option of making a comfortable ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision when deciding to give a man the go-ahead to proceed until he gets it right. Do I make myself clear?

“And now ladies it’s my turn to ask questions. What’s your experience with your napes and your foreheads?”

The widows, with broad smiles, exchanged glances and then our widow friend murmured, “Tonight is the not the night to discuss uninteresting history.”

As we were to tackle dinner, G said “I left out something important. It’s the position factor. When making love to the forehead it’s best that the woman is supine or on her back and you are lying next to her with bodies touching, of course. When loving the neck, however, it’s best to warmly hold the woman in your arms with her face nestled in on your chest which, in addition to it bodily and mental warmness, also makes her neck more easily accessible.

“Right now I can’t think of anything to add so let’s close down on this subject unless you have some last questions or comments.”

There was a brief pause and then the widow commented, “ What about making love to the ears. Is there an art to that?”

G leaned back on his chair and responded, “You bet.”

The widow’s friend then asked, “How about the nose?”

G quickly answered, “You bet.”

It didn’t take a genius to conclude that these two facial appendages would be the subject of their next dinner meeting.

G’s Amorous Reflections on Women’s Lips, Teeth, Cheeks, Chins, Ears, Nose, Necks and Hair

Body Parts - woman's head

It was one of those rare nights that I wished I had videoed for romantic men and women to behold. It happened at G’s home during dinner with an attractive elderly widow oozing with class. As usual, it was a happy, stimulating and extremely tasty one- the food, that is. He prepared straccetti, taglierini with peas with an unidentifiable sauce, a knockout, and a small tomato, cucumber and shallot salad covered with finely chopped mint. The guy really knows how to prepare simple, tasty dishes.

It so happens that the widow has exceptionally beautiful and expressive eyes as Shakespeare, Keats or some other poet once described as the mirrors of the soul. During dinner, G, with a Brindisi, saluted the beauty of her eyes, and we all drank an amount of wine that was more than the traditional sip.  Suddenly, as G usually does when in deep thought, he stared at the ceiling in silence. He broke the silence by saying, “You know, I never thought of this.” The widow, broadly smiling and curious as hell, asked, “G, what didn’t you think of, my love? I’m holding my breath in anticipation!”

In the book, G described two phases when meeting a woman with promise; play first and flirting, second. If the playing phase makes them connect, then he goes into the more serious phase of flirting in order to capture her amorous interest. When she called him, “My love”, his instincts immediately took him to the play phase, but he quickly tried to dismiss it because it didn’t fit the moment- but couldn’t.

“Look my love; you have beautiful, enchanting eyes, and apart from the entire hit of observing both body and mind of women, what I remember most about them are their eyes. My gosh, only God can create the infinity of messages which they send out. What I was thinking about are their lips, teeth, cheeks, foreheads, chins, ears, nose, necks and hair, all individual parts from the base of the neck to the top of the head along with some of my romantic remembrances of the past.  The brain has always been a great mystery to me, and I often wonder why and how it connects things, in even a millisecond, as I just did. Why in God’s name did I think of these individual things when I was looking at your beautiful eyes? I should have been thinking of eyes or other things- if you know what I mean!” (That last remark was due to his play instincts. He just can’t help it)!

The widow, smiling broadly and flattered, said, “But you can’t drop the subject now or you’ll ruin our dinner. You got our curiosity up, and, my old friend, it would be bad manners not to continue.”

“I understand but the subject matter is broader than broad, and it would take lots of time to refresh my memory about all those features. Maybe the next time we have dinner.”

The widow rebutted, “Not acceptable, and I have an idea which will make it easy for you. Let’s play Freud and his technique of free association that he used with his patients. He would say one or a few word and the patients would respond with the first thing that comes to mind without time to think about it. When I say a word to you just say what immediately jumps to mind. You don’t have to think-only react. Is that okay?”

G remained silent, loaded his pipe, smiled and said, “You’re a very creative and persuasive woman. I wonder what it would be like to fall in love with you.”  There followed a moment of silence when they both just looked at each other transmitting, God knows, all kinds of play messages. There would be no flirting that night.  He then broke the silence and, as if he was a soldier ready to storm the enemy’s stronghold as in the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, said, “Shoot! Let’s go!”


“I was neutral to them, but I have a friend who finds a woman’s cheeks- the ones on the face- the sexist part of a woman that turns him on the most: Also, a middle aged woman wearing leggings at my coffee hangout this morning who had an extraordinary sensual real end, and she knew it. I wondered why she put herself on display. Though we wrote about leggings before, I thought about it since, and Lorenzo, it’s a complicated subject. Let’s do another post on it.

“Wait a minute; when talking about sex I’m supposed to talk about the women and not myself. That’s the deal that Lorenzo and I made. Let’s change the subject. ”

The widow slowly and gracefully leaned toward him, gently placed her warm hand on his exposed forearm, searchingly looked him in the eyes and, in a way that no man could refuse, pleaded, “G, can’t you make an exception for me tonight?”

G immediately melted, smiled and said, “You win, baby; go ahead.”


“Porphyria’s Love: It’s a Robert Browning poem where the guy strangles the woman he loves with her own very long hair. Also, after a woman has her orgasms and in order to complete the beauty of the act and make her relax, place the open palm of the hand with the bottom fleshy segment on her forehead and put firm but gentle pressure on it and kind of massage it clock and counter clockwise and periodically caress where the forehead meets the hairline and very softly but briefly periodically run your fingers through her hair. Also, in the 60’s I was at an opera rehearsal where Tito Gobbi, one of the great operatic baritones of all time, was with his lady friend who had a high forehead which made her extremely attractive- but not sensually so. The late singer, Peggy Lee also had a classic high forehead which added to her beauty; also, speaking of hair, though I didn’t do it much; with a woman that’s into pain and fully aroused, pulling her hair while slapping her and talking fantasy domination frequently provokes extraordinary orgasms. But, as with most amorous moves, timing is critical.

“Before I go on, I want to stress it’s the total body language of the head and neck, besides, of course, the rest of the body that has the overall sensual impact. She can be extremely beautiful, but doesn’t have that woman instinct of sensuality. This has happened a number of times in my experience. Also, when thinking about the various head zones, I want to re-emphasize the eyes in most cases are the major hormonal magnetic force. You know the famous Ben Jonson poem made into song with the opening line ‘Drink to me only with thine eyes and I’ll not thirst for wine’, please notice it doesn’t say with thine nostrils, ears, teeth or Adams apple!”


G burst out into laughter and said, “That’s a challenging one to verbalize. I’ve never read or heard about how a woman’s teeth play a role in bringing her to climax but in my experience, though not common, it can, but not alone, of course, but together with her gums. Again, as with other moves, you don’t start out with them but only when a woman is fully aroused, and you’d be surprise how many women like it and, if I remember correctly, all of them experienced it for the first time. Generally speaking, making love should not be a continuous process and intermittent pauses markedly increase a woman’s arousal level. During this pause, I sometimes use my forefinger and massage a woman’s teeth and gums where they meet. It maintains their arousal level. Keep the massage brief for it loses its effectiveness after a brief period of time. It all depends on how you judge she is responding. It can also turn them off”

“Go on; Ears!”

“You have to be careful here, and I’m now thinking of one of the most sensual women who I met. It happened in Copenhagen. She had everything a man can wish for; a rare natural seductress. I often wonder what happened to her over the years. She had very sensitive ears which she wasn’t aware of and which I discovered that a number of other women also didn’t know they had until I made it happen. As everyone knows, there are mainly three ways to approach it. One is massaging them with your fingers; the other is nibbling on the ear lobes and the third is placing a stiff tongue or finger in the ear canal. I must emphasize that the tongue must be stiff. Earrings interfere with ear-loving so I have the woman take them off right at the start of the episode when she’s relaxed and made up her mind to spend time with me. I want to repeat that, from the start, when dealing with the entire neck- head zones, one should be doing other things such as firmly putting pressure on the clitoris with your thumb and forefinger or knee and/or talking the right talk which is, in my experience and when put everything together, the greatest aphrodisiac.


“Zeus, the chief God in Greek mythology and an extremely horny one, fell in love with an earthling, Leda. For some reason, in order to please her, he turned himself into a white swan with a very long, sensuous neck which length is much longer than the longest human erection recorded which is a little over twelve inches. As a result, she had children, one being Helen of Troy ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’ in Homer’s description of the Trojan War. It doesn’t take an imagination to figure out what Zeus did. Also, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, had a chariot driven by long -necked swans. Maybe that qualified her to be the goddess of love.  As with most all uses of the tongue, be it on the clitoris or elsewhere, it should be stiff and firm. I found that oftentimes licking is a downer be it on the neck or elsewhere. But this has always puzzled me: It’s most difficult to judge a woman’s hormonal response by kissing or tonguing the neck. They, in my experience, almost always remain still and voiceless. But, Lorenzo, as I said in previous post, in certain women who like a domination approach, not all, their greatest orgasms occur when I firmly place both of my hands around their necks right under the chin and squeeze just short of choking:  But actually choking them brought on humongous orgasms. I frequently had to stop- not one ever asked me to stop- out of sheer fear that they would expire!  Also, I remember a woman wearing a low cut blouse while we were having lunch and drinking lots of white wine in a small piazza in Rome eating lots of fritto misto.  She had the most beautiful neck ever- almost like Zeus’s swan, and, would you believe, just by admiring it, it destroyed my libido. It was like a beautiful, sculptured work of art made only to behold and admired and not to be touched.”


“The woman who I met in Costa Rica: Now I’m not talking about kissing but the visual impact of the lips. She was on a motorcycle who I met after leaving a restaurant and invited me to hop on the back for a ride. One primary reason that I agreed, would you believe, was because, besides the overall hit of her sensuality, she had inviting fleshy lips which sent out a broader message of a receptive woman. As I mentioned before, I had to teach most of my women how to kiss the way that I like it- searching, soft and very slow in the beginning and more vigorous when they are approaching full arousal. Silicone lips, though they are attractive, are no fun to kiss. Like silicone breast and rear- ends, they are turn-offs for two reasons. One is that silicone women are generally less passionate than the others, for whatever reasons, and secondly, I constantly worry that they may burst, and I wonder whether they have the same concerns and maybe that’s why they are less passionate. Speaking about silicone asses, there was a recent report that white women are increasingly having them enlarged to rival the bountiful black rear-ends.

“Enough, my love. Enough, Lorenzo. No more Freud. I’m out of gas, and let’s have a cognac.”

And then something fascinating happened. Now it’s me, Lorenzo, talking. After our cognacs and some small talk to relax the remaining moments, I remarked, “My friends, this was really an unusual night and hopefully, if G agrees, let’s have repeat.” Then came the fascinating moment: The widow said, “I’m all for that, but next time I want G to play Freud and perform free association on me.”

And, surprisingly, G answered, “Why not?” The evening then came to a close.

At breakfast the next morning I asked G if he was serious about agreeing. He, with the broadest of smiles and a sparkle in his eyes, repeated,“Why Not?” I sensed that the play phase was over, and the possibility of the flirtation phase had entered his mind.

The God Zeus as a seductive long-necked swan

The God Zeus as a Swan Ready to Seduce

G, His Sex Slave Ladies Part III: Clitoral Exploration

Triology Part I: G’s Sex Slave Ladies & Part II: The Need of The GMD

Clitoris – from the Greek root word kleitoris meaning “little hill”

 shutterstock_76982275 image 29 APO Orgasm

G and I do periodically watch porno videos on the Internet for educational purposes for they weren’t around during our prime and tell us what kinds of things are turning men and women on sexually these days. Now many of you are now thinking these videos are also turning us on, and there’s nothing I can say to dissuade you except to say we are almost over the hill! In fact, they are a big turn-off for G for oftentimes he becomes visibly frustrated and pissed-off while watching all kinds of sex scenes from straight sex to domination. He claims, and I agree, they are boring as hell for those who seek high level sexual experiences. It’s not that he’s against simple, non- sophisticated sex encounters which the videos show for that’s what has been the way sex has been for almost every man and woman since Eve bit the hormone saturated apple.

Regarding the videos which deal with scenes of clitoral stimulation between men and women and lesbians, and in order to refresh our memories about their techniques, we recently watched about a dozen of them. After watching them, G and I poured ourselves a martini and analyzed them as well as others in the past. G lighted his pipe and calmly commented, “Lorenzo, they are all the same; just mechanical. They just use their fingers to rapidly rub up and down the surface of the clitoris. When using the tongue, it’s like a dog licking water to quench its thirst. The use of the tongue and the fingers in this way could be carried out by an inanimate vibrator successfully leading to orgasms in most women.” Then G paused and said, “I’ll take that back. Judged by my experience, I’m not so sure that most women would respond and just fake it in order to please their man. I just don’t know but I have a feeling that a healthy percentage of my women would not. But who knows? There are no good clinical studies, like most such studies on sex, to tell us. But, in my experience, I know about higher level sex with women and how making love to the clitoris plays a crucial role. And before I forget, sometimes the clitoris is not at all important and can get in the way of a woman having her orgasm. Maybe I should do a post on this. When clitoral stimulation is not working, stop it and switch to other things. On the other hand, it may not be working because of the routine way that’s usually done. It’s like women giving lousy hand or blow jobs which are common. Once more, on the other hand, men appear to be happy with these poor performances because of their surging hormones. I, however, mainly know about men from what I hear from women, male friends and their friends over the years and also read about. Lorenzo, sex is really complicated, isn’t it?”

As we sipped on our martinis, there was a pause, and I sensed that G was losing interest and not inclined to discuss in depth the subject of this post, which is, to repeat, the way to maximally stimulate the clitoris. I was about to change the subject in order to recharge his batteries and talk about one of G’s favorite subjects, food, when he suddenly burst out into laughter. I, curious as hell to know where that came from, asked, “G, what was that all about?” He, with a broad smile explained, “George Clooney, who I hear is a nice guy and a way out left political liberal and celebrity friend of Obama. He has been encouraged to run for political office by his supporters and, I think, even president. In an interview a few years ago, I think in Newsweek, when asked whether he had such interest, he answered, ‘I fucked too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that’s the truth.’ Can you imagine a presidential candidate making that confession? It’s okay if the best neurosurgeon in America makes that confession for a patient wouldn’t give a shit, but our president? We’ve got to get over the fact that many great men are great sinners and great leaders.

Reinvigorated, G then leaned back on his chair with his lingering broad smile, lighted his pipe and sippes on his martini and then said, “Let’s get on to the fascinating clitoris, the female penis. Look, we’ve talked about this marvelous appendage in previous posts before, and I’m not going to discuss it in lengthy detail. And, in my experience, women have the greatest clitoral sensations and orgasms, by far, when made love by GMD muff-diving. But let’s forget that for the moment and get to basics. I described them before either on the posts or in our book, but don’t remember exactly what I said, so let me start from scratch, but make it brief.”

There was a pause and, as G usually does when thinking about how to put things together, he gazed at the ceiling in silence. After a few more puffs and a few more sips, he began his clitoral dissertation like an instructor of anatomy in medical school. “As I see it there are five zones of the clitoris: The top, the bottom, two sides and the base which is connected to the vaginal wall. All are heavily innervated for good reason for that’s how nature encourages women, with exceptions, to spread their legs and welcome the entrance of the male penis in order to have children in order to propagate the race. It’s called evolution.”

Though I hated to interrupt his flow of thought, I feared I would forget to question one point of his opening statement and asked, “G, what do you mean when you say ‘with exceptions’?”

“Lorenzo, you know that when I keep repeating that I’m only talking about my experiences with different types of ladies and maybe the sexual world today is different. But I don’t think so. With a number of my ladies the clitoris was insensitive which is not surprising because natural feelings, be they mental or physical, biologically vary. Some folks are tall and some are not. Some smart and some not. Some clitorises are generally sensitive and some are not. Being sexually insensitive is normal for many women. So why the surprise? With such ladies there are other ways to make them relax and bring them to climax, perhaps the best, being the GMD way. But let me add the factors of opening their minds with palliatives and ‘speaking’ to a woman to bring out their fantasies which go hand in glove with clitoral stimulation.

“What I experienced is that you have to search for what zone or zones are sensitive. For example, just by gently and slowly flipping, yes, flipping, the zones of the clitoris leads to arousal, but mostly effective with the top and bottom zones and less effective with the side zones. In fact, sometimes all zones are sensitive. Before I forget, just placing your fingers on the clitoris pressing and putting real pressure on it for at least five seconds without moving your fingers is highly effective, but not in the beginning of clitoral stimulation for it can have the opposite effect. Wait until she’s clearly aroused. The same when kneeing it.”

“Wait a minute, G. Did you say, ‘kneeing it’? What the hell is that?”

“Lorenzo, you’re old and your memory is fading. Sometimes that’s good for life holds many bad memories which are best to forget, but we discussed this in the book and forgetting something you wrote about not too long ago -that’s attention grabbing and is not good news. Kneeing is similar to putting pressure on the clitoris. When a woman is fully aroused, spread her legs widely and periodically ram- and I mean ram- your knee against the entire pubic zone. I don’t remember, but I would say about fifty percent of them are turned on bigtime and the rest either are neutral about it or are turned off. You’ll know quickly after a few rams. I hate to be repetitious, but you’re doing other things while you’re ramming to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris. Just as an historical observation, I don’t remember any woman who experienced knee ramming before she experienced this with me.”

“G, before I forget, did you use vibrators? Though I’ve have no solid information, I’m told that they’re so common now and women even carry them around in their pocketbooks, even at work. I’m almost sure that lots of traveling women have extra-large pocketbooks.”

“Lorenzo, it’s funny that you mention this. You must have been reading my mind for I was considering bringing the subject up, but decided not to. Yes, I did use vibrators some of which were the size of penis-size dildos and some much smaller. But I never owned one. It was the women who carried them and asked me to use them. Now some had non-vibrating dildos which for some reason- don’t ask me why- I refused to use. But the vibrating ones interested me- again, don’t ask me why and perhaps out of curiosity. I had great success with them even though my experience was limited to about twenty times. After the first few times, I managed to master its use, and maybe that’s the subject of another post. But, in my experience it should not play a major role to bring a woman to climax but serve only as a catalyst. And it should be used, either directly on the clitoris or in the vagina- slowly!”

I sensed that G was running out of gas, as usual in our interviews, and decided to ask only one more question. “G, one more question. How about the fifth zone that you mentioned; the base of the clitoris?”

Once more G sat back and gazed at the ceiling. “That’s a tough one to describe for, in a funny way, it requires timing and know-how. I used it early in the arousal phase and not before- for it’s counterproductive. With your thumb and forefinger you firmly grasp the base and squeeze and make no movement for at least a few seconds. I found that most women enjoyed this but nowhere like the GMD.”

The interview ended on this note.








G, His Sex Slave Ladies Part I: (The Need of the GMD, Part II and Clitoral Exploration Part III, to Follow in Separate Posts)


I recently received a call from a man about 50 years old who read the Casanova book and was fascinated by the chapter, G and Black Women, where G describes a scene with an exceptionally sensual black lady during the 80’s who he describes as having thunder thighs which, in his experience is a rarity.  While they were in bed and their hormones were skyrocketing, she pleaded, “You’re a strong man, and I want to be your slave. Please command me. I am your nigger.” The 50 year old thought it was a pretty heavy scene, but G didn’t. ”It’s routine. Slavery and sex go together like a hand and glove. I have no good explanation but there’s no doubt it has to do with the BGL, the Brain Genital Law described in previous posts. This has nothing to do with culture and race. There were more slaves than citizens in Rome and Greece, and you can bet that lots of lady slaves were turned on by their masters. I have little knowledge of the man- slave- sex situation, but it ain’t hard to make some educated guesses.

‘Look, Lorenzo, seduction, domination and various forms of sado-masochism are all forms of slavery where men and women surrender their will and, as a result,  become sexually excited and experience tremendous orgasms they would never  have experienced as free men and women. We have a cultural problem using the word ‘slavery’ but that’s what all these sexual acts are- pure and simple.  For whatever reason, loss of both mental and physical self-control fires up the brain, penis and clitoris to superheated temperatures. But I do want to emphasize that I’m mainly talking about part time or voluntary slavery and not that of a conquered people. But without doubt, Lorenzo, my ladies who had the most profound, prolonged and numerous orgasms were my slave ones. You’d be surprised what some of them asked of me. One voluptuous Jewish lady asked me to play a dominating Egyptian king of the Old Testament and treat her as a slave servant in a heavy way.  She begged me to call her my ‘Jew cunt’. Now, let me add an observation. There’s much more to a sex-slave scene than the master running the show for it can be a two-way street. The right slave can inspire the master to perform at a much higher level than usual and enjoy it more. That night, inspired by her inspiring submissive behavior, I couldn’t have been a better master pharaoh and reached higher than normal levels of a master’s performance. You know I felt like I was in a Stanislavski acting mindset where I actually, in my mind, became the goddamn pharaoh.”

“Well, G, I never heard or read about that kind of interaction before but it sure does make sense. Why not tell us more about some other more interesting slave scenes?”

G laughed and said that they were all interesting, but that it was complicated enough to describe them in the book, let alone in a post. Then he said, “Actions speaks louder than words.” This is the most I got out of him:  He then continued: “Let me first clear the air and say I don’t do dungeons either in dungeons or hotel suites.  I was not impressed by the sado-masochistic recreational red room in the erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

My experience with slavery always involved- and I mean always- both physical and mental approaches. It’s difficult to divide the amount of time I spend on each one for I almost do both at the same time or, rather, mix them up and decide when to concentrate more on one than on the other or both at the same time. You have to first explore and then read how the woman responds. I’ll be squeezing just off the side of her nipple or labia while whispering domination scenes which, to repeat, is nothing more than slavery interpreted as real by the brain. Maybe because it’s part time it makes the brain free itself of inhibitions that it wouldn’t do if it were full time, but, honestly speaking, I’m not so sure about this for many conditions of long term domination in couples there are no good data on the impact it has on sexual pleasure, particularly orgasms.

“I want to once more emphasize that the more I convinced a woman that she’s losing control and surrendering it to others, which is usually me and occasionally in the presence of another woman but mostly done verbally, the greater the sexual experience. Notice, I said, when speaking of the physical presence of another or ménage à trois, I mention a woman and not man, but do bring up men in verbal domination acts. Though a number of women have expressed their fantasies to me with actually being with two men, that’s another story which maybe we can talk about in a future post. But I want to make it clear that I’ve only been with another man and lady once, and it’s not for me. Chacun à son goût.

“As I said in previous posts but will repeat: in my adventures, straight sex thrills are no match for slave- domination-seduction sex. Though I have little personal follow-up get togethers with my ladies, there’s little doubt that once a woman experiences mental-physical orgasms, she’ll find it more difficult to have a climax by straight sex alone unless she has the capacity to fantasize her past slavery scenes during the act. But, even if she never experience such scenes, there’s little doubt in my mind that such scenes come to mind in a number of them simply because many told me this after their first actual experience with me. I cannot emphasize enough how it’s embedded in the goddamn BGL of the brain, like the food-hunger center, and how few know how to release and enjoy it and it’s probably due to the fact that it can become a dangerous thing.

“Lorenzo, here are some other points that I’ve mentioned in the past but will repeat: the more attractive and intelligent a woman the more she loves  slavery scenarios, but it’s more difficult for them to let loose; recreational drugs can be the bridge from the almost impossible to the possible, but I’m not talking about heavy use. Highly effective slavery talk frequently involves a scene where the woman loses control to another woman along with me or her boyfriend or her husband loses control to her best girlfriend or other types of scenes like this. You have to probe to find out about certain facts or feelings before you move forward or else it will be counterproductive. But once more and to emphasize, selective physical punishment is part of the verbal slavery scene, and it must be at the right dose. If too light or too heavy the woman may turn off. In everything I do, dosing is key!”

“G, I hate to interrupt you, but how many times has it been counterproductive with you?”

There followed an unusually long pause followed by light laughter. “Lorenzo, now don’t ask me to explain but I can recall maybe one or two times when I thought the opportunity was there, and the lady shut me down.”

Then there followed another unusually long pause which puzzled me for I didn’t ask him a question. He, as usual when he’s in deep thought, was heavily puffing on his pipe. Then he kind of let loose on things that have been on his mind. “Lorenzo, in domination or slavery scenes, the right way to perform muff diving and clitoris manipulation are almost always key to reach the highest level of sexual perfection and satisfaction. Before we made the decision to write the book, I began to view porno videos- and still do- on the computer, and what I see is both laughable and sad. They’ve got to be kidding. The scenes on cunnilingus and manual clitoral manipulation are for the amateurs. I’m sorry I said these things for I sound like a snob, and I take them back. Because of the natural sensitivity of various pelvic zones, just a little stimulation, unsophisticated as it might be, can and should do the job bringing about the desired orgasms. Evolution knows we all can’t be great lovers, so it makes easier to become sexually excited, copulate and have babies in order to propagate the race. After all, that’s what it’s all originally about.

“What I’m talking about has nothing to do with the purpose of evolution to make babies but a higher level of pleasure based on these sexual evolutionary gifts which few experience before their sexual life is put to sleep. There are two magnificent acts which I’ll talk about in the next two posts both of which, though tough they have great value in general, have a spectacular effect in domination or slavery encounters. The first is the art of muff diving or MD which has no relationship to what is portrayed as cunnilingus in the videos. Not close. I call it the GMD which represents my personal detailed way of doing it where the face actually becomes physically and emotionally one with the pelvic perineal zone. The second deals with the unexplored clitoris which has all kinds of unexplored, hidden sensitivity zones which women don’t even know they have and how to search for and activate them.”

magritte art


G’s Thoughts and Personal Experience on Domination Physical versus Mental

dominatrixseduction sean connery

After the erotic romance novel Fifty Shades of Grey was published, sales of kinky sex products jumped dramatically. There were reports that Fifty Shades workshops sprung up where they teach you-know-what. Back then G and I talked about this, and he said that it is extremely difficult to teach and learn to perform the art of mental domination but much, much easier with the physical type. The far superior art of mental domination where sexual fantasies are deeply connected to mental exploration of the mind, emotional sensations and extraordinary orgasms, unlike physical domination techniques, is extremely difficult in a classroom. It’s best done in private, one on one, sessions.

The movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, will be released this Valentine’s Day which, depending on the quality of this difficult to film story, may spark further interest in pursuing domination and submission. G suggests that couples should see the film on Valentine’s Day and at dinner that night while the fire is still hot, instead of giving boxes of chocolate or flowers as gifts, they should share soft ropes and handcuffs.

I recently read an article in the New York Times about where and how the word “masochism” originated. It happened in the beautiful city of Lviv in the Ukraine. It’s about Sacher- Masoch, who lived there in the 19th century and wrote the book, Venus in Furs, which heavily deals with rough sex and domination. The word masochism, which is common in many languages, was coined after him. In the city is the Masoch Café where customers, free of charge, are voluntarily subjected to whips and chains and other painful domination methods. No mention was made of how effective they are in evoking orgasms, but it does mention that the men scream more often and louder than the women- whatever that means.

I called G and told him about the article. He read it and called me back and surprisingly started a non-stop monologue on his philosophy of domination where he covered too much subject matter for a single post. He, as he sometimes does, invites women to his home for dinner where he almost always cooks pasta using his favorite personal recipes. Recently, he invited two attractive, warm and class ladies for his pasta with spinach, but also other secret ingredients that are known only to him. I tasted it once, and it’s a knockout. Both were in their late forties, one divorced and the other widowed. Before I go on, I asked G what’s his definition of a lady of class. He paused and then said, “It’s like what a former Supreme Court Justice- I believe it was Justice Potter- said about pornography; something which you can’t define with words, but you know it when you see it.”

Anyway, like many women, the widow searches for a man on the Internet and usually used Tinder but without much success. Then she tried Zoosk, which G never heard of, but she told him it may be the biggest man-girl searching website. It’s interesting how these two sites differ in their marketing approaches. Tinder just starts with photos, and if two people like the photos, then they take progressive steps to know each other better by revealing more personal information. Zoosk is way different.  You give lots of information up front. I have no idea what type of people choose one over the other. She gave G a copy one of the messages from a guy which he forwarded to me. It read, “WHILE YOUR MASTER Waits For YOUR Reply MY Pet, HERE Are “SOME” Of The THINGS YOU Can Look Forward to… Wrist & Ankle Cuffs, Bondage, WAX Play, Nipple and Clit Clamps, FLOGGING…JUST To Name A FEW…DOES This Intrigue YOU MY Pet???”

G asked her how it happened and how she felt about it. She did not provoke this kind of response and had no idea how the message popped up; and she was “disgusted” by it. It revolted her. G believed her, but it also made him think of another point. In G’s experience with women, he performed many domination scenes and has a highly reliable sense of a woman who, whether she knows it or not, likes to be dominated. And, in his opinion, the disgusted widow is one such woman. I asked him why, then, was she so disgusted and revolted by it? He blurted out, “Lorenzo, it’s the way it’s done.” He then quoted the famous Greek orator, Demosthenes who said, “The delivery is what counts.” That’s when he took off on a “masterful” dissertation on the types of domination that women respond to which I recorded, but, because of its length, all are not discussed.

“You’ve got to remember: With a handful of exceptions, my experience deals only with about three hundred women who I was with for only one time. I don’t want to give you the impression that I had domination adventures with them all, but I would say about half at variety of intensities. But there could have been more. Now remember I didn’t do whips and chains, and I can’t really break down the types into clearly specific categories.”

“G, I don’t ever think I asked you the reason why you did them in the first place. Was the hit different than without domination?”

“Lorenzo, as I said in the book, I’m okay in talking about my experiences with women, but not of my personal life.  But let me tell you one of my favorite Aesop’s fables stories which may shed some light on the answer to your question. There was a frog that was on the banks of a river getting ready to cross it; I think to see his honeybun on the other side to make love. Anyway, a scorpion approached him and asked if he could hop a ride across the lake by jumping on his back. The frog, flabbergasted, asked the spider if he thought he was stupid because the spider would sting and kill him with his fatal venom. The scorpion then asked whether the frog thought he was nuts for if he stung him for the frog would die and sink and the scorpion would then drown. Well, that made sense to the frog, and he told the scorpion to jump aboard, and so he did. Half way across the river the scorpion stung the surprised frog that couldn’t believe it. He, while slowly sinking and fading away, asked the scorpion why he did it, knowing that he would also die along with the frog. The scorpion replied, ‘I can’t help it. It’s in my nature!’ Lorenzo: Do you get my point?

“Now let’s get to my personal categorization of domination. To be sure, the entire system is complicated with overlapping elements, so it’s easy to punch holes in my thoughts, if one is a very logical person. But life is not logical. Having said that, there is no doubt in my mind of the general validity of my categories.

“There are two domination types- mechanical and mental, but, to repeat, there’s lots of overlap. Men predominate in the first category and women in the second. An example of the mechanical type is when a man visits a professional dominatrix. He walks through the door. They then exchange pleasantries such as ‘good evening’ and ‘how are you’ and ‘what is your preference’? Sometimes, particularly with beginners, she has to relax him enough to open up. Whatever the choice, from kneeling before her and kissing her feet, scrubbing the bathroom floors to being chained and physically punished sometimes in a domination dungeon, it’s almost always accompanied by domination or slavery talk where she demands that she be called mistress. Before the process begins, she gives him preparatory orders, disappears and returns and, as most dominatrix women do, with skimpy black attire and almost always with their black boots. By the way Lorenzo, I could never figure out what’s with everything in black, particularly the black boots. Why not I polka dots or teal? The process, with very little or no foreplay, abruptly begins, and he’s immediately sexually turned- on when she demands that he call her mistress and to become obedient to her every command. After the clock runs out, she’s always checks the clock, she abruptly ends the session. All is suddenly back to normal as it was before. The guy then addresses the lady normally, thanks her, shakes her hand or kisses her goodbye. The key point that I’m making is that the guy knows that it’s not real and knows when his time will be up, dictated by a clock. He knows that the domination was all artificial, and she was not at all serious about it, really not interested in him and anxious to move on to the next customer, start the clock again, fake it until the clock runs out again- and start again to achieve her major objective- make money and not to dominate.

“Mental domination, on the other hand, is entirely different for the woman really believes she’s truly being dominated which is far more mental and fantasy provoking. Also, she knows there is no alarm clock that will go off at a predetermined point in time. Though there are no studies on this, there is little doubt that her sexual pleasure is more intense and prolonged than with the physical type. It’s important to note that my affairs with women were only one night ones, which I think, makes the woman relax up front. My approach leads to a slow crescendo of intense sexual excitement followed by huge orgasms. Now I don’t like to say this because of social values and the wisdom of being discreet; the basic formula for beginning to relax a woman is good drinking and dining at a restaurant, a suite- not a room!- at a hotel, followed by the a nightcap in the suite and sometimes light use of recreational drugs. I could never figure out why a suite is much more conducive to relax a woman, but I quickly learned from my early experiences. And, the right kind of music, which depends on the lady and the mood, is an essential ingredient of the formula. I cannot emphasize this enough.

“And- this is a big – don’t talk about yourself much only enough to bring out the woman. The more she openly talks about her personal self, the more relaxed she becomes. That’s when you get a feel of what’s going on in her mind and what mental subject matter to pursue. She’ll talk about her personal life from her love-life to her frustrations. By the way, there’s nothing more beautiful than being with a relaxed woman- she doesn’t have to be a stunner, but just a gal with average looks- and learn about her. There is nothing like those multiple silent facial expressions, particularly those that flow from the eyes. Paradoxically, generally speaking, men usually, in personal scenes, do the talking and women the listening and, I do believe, it is more natural that way. Women have the inborn quality of receptivity and men naturally respond to it.”

“G, give us some specifics about what you actually do.”

“Wow, you’re still horny at your age! It’s not nearly as important as to what is done, but how it’s done. Don’t forget old Demosthenes. Let me describe my approach whether to get into a domination mode or not. It all depends upon my and the woman’s mood and the impact of the drinks, dinner and other factors. It’s like treating arthritis with pharmaceuticals; the effectiveness all depends upon the dose. When she’s really relaxed and letting her hair down, that’s when you ask probing questions about her love experiences. One door-opener which I found very effective is to ask the question, ‘Have you ever been jealous?’ If she responds to that, then I encourage her to describe what happened in a subtle, soft way. If she does- and I help her getting into details- that’s when I decide to pursue a domination scene, and it almost always works out. And these are the ladies who have the biggest and most frequent orgasms, and, I must say, oftentimes surprising themselves, which pleases me.

“Lorenzo, you’re probably wondering why the jealousy question is the gatekeeper of go-no-go.  I don’t have a medical answer, but in my experience, it is. What I frequently bring out in these women are scenes where her best girlfriend or other woman she’s someway attracted to, takes away her boyfriend or husband in scenes where the three are present, particularly when the friend is seducing her man. Scenes such as the woman serves dinner to the girlfriend and the man, and both give her orders, or the girlfriend is turning on and even ordering the man, are common. Ménage a trois scenes are common where the girlfriend- and, to repeat, it could be another woman that’s she attracted to – dominates and orders her husband to watch as she turns the woman on bringing out her fantasies and telling her she will be the servant of her and the man, but emphasizes that the man will be obedient to her.

But it’s critical that I bring out these hidden fantasies by asking probing questions or suggesting scenes some of which she never thought of but passionately responds to. During the fantasy talk her sexual response is tremendously enhanced by light to medium physical punishment from biting on her nipples to spanking and smacking. I’ve found that the highly intelligent and beautiful women take to choking more than the others. Once more, I’m talking to the woman while this is going on. I cannot emphasize enough that the art of talking is the key to sophisticated mental domination.

I want to emphasize that sophisticated, mental domination of a woman makes her forget about time, and she actually enters a virtual world of fantasy and embraces it. Her brain, a mere three pounds of flesh with lots going on, actually makes it real for her and, I have a hunch, it will stay there for a long, long time.

“Before I forget, if I decide it’s not going to be a domination night, I still thoroughly enjoy being with these women. It’s an entirely different experience, but just as beautiful. Beauty wears many faces.”

“Okay. But what is the overhaul secret of your magic, fantasy moments, and what advice would you give to men regarding your know-how? Bottom line, how do you do it?”

I sensed that G was a little bit uncomfortable with this question because I asked it once before, and he was reluctant to answer. And, the same thing happened.

“Lorenzo, you asked me this before, and I don’t have a recipe. It’s not like prostitution. The ladies of the night are not good at sophisticated sex. They are mechanical. I recommended in one of my previous posts or in the book, I don’ remember where, that an entrepreneur should start a chain of these houses of pleasure staffed by women who are taught acceptable sophisticated mental domination methods- both verbal and physical- and the guy or gal would make a fortune and, maybe, save lots of marriages by the resulting sex relief.

“Regarding my advice to men; you either have it or you don’t. If you’re not sure, but interested, give it a try but, take my advice, practice a bit on my experiences and see what happens. Remember, if the first approach doesn’t work, often times by switching gears, the woman will respond. But this takes a bit of experience unless, of course, one is a natural at it. One final note; never rush. Move slowly and always give a sense to a woman that you can and will stop, if she decides to. The woman’s belief that the man can do this is essential for the  beautiful experience to be completed.”

Before closing, in the tape G mentioned that there is little difference between a woman’s seduction of a man and man raping a woman. I don’t agree what he said but his point of view, which is thought- provoking, will be on a future post.

Penile versus Clitoral Erectile Dysfunction

       jack - older man young woman      

I called G the other day to discuss what would be the subject of the next post. Mamma mia, was he pissed off. When I asked him what was the problem, he barked out, “Cialis!” I hesitated to ask, but changed my mind. “Didn’t it work?” Because of his wonderful sense of humor, his mood abruptly changed, and he burst out laughing and answered, “Even if it were true, I wouldn’t tell you. No, I’m watching a Cialis ad, and it’s full of shit!”

He went on to explain how Cialis and Viagra ads are big time misleading and the men and women actually believe the message which is reflected in their impressive sales.  “Look, the men and women in the ads are usually in their upper fifties to early sixties and are usually better looking than most Americans. The women look at the guys with a big smile as if they are as they happy as can be and can’t wait to hit the sack to be penetrated again. Lorenzo, it’s all bullshit. Any man or woman who has been around the bedroom also knows that as women get older their interest in sex decreases. The same holds true for men but to a much lesser degree. In order to keep their men happy they just take the supine position, spread their legs and many times can’t wait to get it over with. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s normal! I remember my uncle had to have sex every night, and they weren’t quickies. He was a real stickman. My poor aunt developed an ingenious strategy on how to handle nightly intrusion. She waited until she was sleepy before hitting the sack. Shortly after the action began, she would fall asleep. Tough for me to picture, but women are women.

“But here’s what bugs the crap out of me. The man gets the blame in these ads when, in real life, it’s the woman who is just not that interested in the majority of times. Look, like the penis, the clitoris has erectile tissue and, therefore, there’s clitoral dysfunction. A woman is the honey and a man a “horny bee”, and a woman knows it. ”

“G, what’s your personal experience having met and been with hundreds of women from all over the place?”

“Not many were in the age category that we’re talking about, but even some of the younger ones who had young boyfriends told me that the guys didn’t turn them on while others guys did, even though they didn’t necessarily have sex with other men. Before I answer your question, I believe in one of our previous posts I talked about a wonderful dinner date I had with an 84 year- old charming lady when part of our dinner conversation dealt with modern sex issues. Let me first mention that I knew her when she was young and beautiful. and sensual which, in my experience, most beautiful women are not. When she was young, people called her beautiful. When she was in her sixties, they said she ‘still’ was beautiful. When she hit her mid-seventies, they would say, ‘she must have been’ beautiful.’ For some reason, this pissed her off.  I guess it’s hard for a woman to lose the gift of beauty-or is it a curse? The great philosopher, Aristotle, once said, ‘Beauty is far more effective than the best letter of recommendation’, though sometimes the women have to pay some type of price. Anyway, when she was in her late ‘beautiful’ phase, her long time boyfriend was a very famous national celebrity and, even today, many still remember him. I knew him well, and, he was a good guy. Though he was not bad looking she had clitoral dysfunction with him and never came to climax. She, as many women do well, faked it.  But, what might seem inconceivable today, she remained faithful to him up to his death. I don’t care what anyone says, there’s something about this that’s on a high level of human behavior.

“Now getting back to your question: as I mentioned in the Casanova book, generally speaking, I much prefer to have a conversation with women over men and also prefer to do most of the listening. Their minds cover much broader territories of life, and I learn a heck of a lot about life. Lorenzo, I don’t keep score regarding my love life, but I remember well enough of them when we talked about their love lives and the problems they had with their men. Though they said they loved them, they didn’t enjoy having sex with them and faked their orgasms. Whether it was due to erectile or clitoral dysfunction , no one can know.

“But what I do know is that, if younger and sexually attractive women were in the bedrooms of those guys in the erectile dysfunction ads- now, ladies, you may not like this- they would throw those pills in the toilet bowl, flush them down,,and they would be happy as hell and stand tall.  

“ Lorenzo, you’re the expert on this. What’s the true story on how these pills affect a man’s sexual desires and performance?”

“G, that’s the subject of another post. It all depends.”

statue with ed











Male Frenulum-Vaseline and a Rich Korean Masseuse

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It always fascinated me how many separate, different things somehow connect in life. G was at an all-male get together when one of the men approached him, patted him on the back and said, “You son of a gun. Wait until you hear what you’ve done.”

Now the story comes from a second- hand source and it may be all baloney but, even if so, the message makes a hell-of-a lot of business sense. The guy told G that he had a friend who periodically visited a Korean masseuse of average talent but she was good enough to fulfill his needs. She worked for a type of massage parlor where the ladies, in order to avoid being charged with prostitution, automatically and without asking for money in order to avoid being jailed for prostitution, masturbated the men at the end of the massage and expected a higher tip than those parlors which didn’t offer masturbation or performed the act confidentially. If a masseuse asks a man if he wants a hand-job and tells the man it includes a fee, then it falls under the legal definition of a prostitute and she would be charged for that. Now here’s something I really think stinks to high heaven which undercover policemen sometimes do. It’s a classic sting which G and I and all of our male friends couldn’t do to a lady. They ask the masseuse for a hand-job and how much it would cost. If the masseuse goes along with it and quotes the price, then that’s prostitution, and she ends up in the slammer.

Anyway, in the past G’s friend and the guy had a discussion about how disappointing masseuses in general were so the friend suggested that he read our post on the male frenulum and Vaseline and so he did. He became very excited and took the post to her. But as with most Asiatic masseuses, her English was very limited and she couldn’t understand it.  After he gave her only two lessons and much to his delight she caught on and became superb at it. Though he was a happy trooper, he soon regretted it. She, being the clever type, used it on all her customers. As a result her reputation spread like wildfire, and her tips dramatically increased so much so that she decided to leave and start her own business in a location too inconvenient for his friend to travel to.

He heard her business is booming. She hired four gals, two Caucasians and two Koreans and trained them according to G’s formula. One big reason he hired the Caucasian ladies is that few Koreans ones, for puzzling reasons, cannot even understand basic English so the guys are frustrated in that they can’t tell them what they like. It’s a real downer. It now takes weeks for a new customer to get an appointment, and she’s now driving a Mercedes. The guy heard that she’s taking G’s advice and starting a chain of parlors, but that’s not definite.

What is sad is that his friend found a new Korean masseuse and tried to teach her the frenulum-Vaseline technique. He’s frustrated as hell because she just can’t get it quite right!

But here’s G’s point: There’s a huge market out there for this type of masseuse parlor with the ladies who are masters at hand-jobs. Though I don’t know the legal ramifications, it seems to me that if other sexual services are also offered the way hand-jobs are, the financial sky is the limit for a chain of parlors. As in biotechnology, there has to be a first company to take the chance and lead the way. And what makes this type of venture really attractive is that the financial risk is very low.

Are there any entrepreneurs out there to be the first?


Small Penis Update


In my favorite coffee shop, my favorite “barista” introduced me to an old-timer urologist, and we had a cappuccino together. The doctor has a vast experience regarding sex matters, and somehow we got on the subject of small penises. Though I wrote about this in a previous post, I believe hearing what a wise, experienced physician has to say can be extremely helpful to both men and women.

Sipping on our cappuccinos he said, though obviously important, the length and width of the penis is highly overrated with respect to satisfying a woman. It’s the overall technique or know-how in making love that counts. G would certainly second that motion. There are lots of ways to turn a woman on which are, oftentimes, more important than the penis size or even do not require a penis at all. What disturbs the doctor is many times a man misleads himself in believing he has a small penis when, in fact, it’s due to a large vagina or one with lots of secretions. Furthermore, there are no credible clinical studies to determine which one is really the problem when the blame is mistakenly attributed to a small male organ. Roughly speaking – and these are only estimates- the average male erection size is 5.5 inches and its circumference about 4 inches, while the average depth of the vagina is 3.5 inches and width about 2.5 inches. So even if the male erection size is significantly below the average, it is still large enough to fill the majority of vaginas. G once told me that a number of his lady friends commented that men with large penises are not uncommonly inferior lovers than those with smaller or so-called small ones. And, so what if the penis is 3.0 inches and one-half inch shorter than the end of the vaginal road?

Regardless of the facts, the doctor told me as long as a man only thinks his penis is small and will detract from his performance, it oftentimes leads to a negative psychological mindset, such as increased anxiety, which affects his confidence and ability to achieve a full erection.

 For example, when a man is with an exciting, sensuous woman and heatedly anticipating entering her, his erection usually comes to a full, throbbing robust size. But when he has a routine encounter where, for whatever reason including the consumption of too much alcohol, his hormonal sparks aren’t flying, the erection is not nearly as full and stiff.

So here’s what he prescribes for men who, for factual or perceived reasons, believe that they have a small penis negatively impacting their performance:  He recommends that they take Viagra or Cialis or other related remedies which can, more often than not, be consistently effective in achieving a full, throbbing erection. It can usually remove the psychological barriers and, once successful, may, in the long term, even reduce the routine need for or even eliminate them.  

In the doctor’s experience, small penis or not, a high percentage of men claim to have a significant increase in width and length of their penises and are now happy troopers. Also, this effect has been reported in clinical studies.

When I asked G to review this post , he said, “ You forgot one critical point which I can personally vouch for. Women’s vaginas adapt to the size of the penis which is very good news and what you would think nature would do. Though very tough to conduct, I believe there are suggestive clinical studies which support my experience. The rap on a small penis is getting out of hand while the vagina factor, which may be a bigger problem, remains in the background. ”

I asked the doctor whether the pleasure derived from an orgasm is related to the size of the penis. . In his vast experience he found no differences. He said that Napoleon, who was a short man, had a small penis but was a horny son-of-a-gun. On his many military campaigns he very frequently would order his assistants to, “Bring me a woman.” He would order that the woman strip down naked before she entered his quarters. He was a very horny, energetic and courageous guy. He led the charge in multiple military battles. It’s said that he had at least nineteen horses killed under him and many more died from exhaustion.

 His penis may have been small but he had humongous balls!

napoleon horse 2

Sex with Women Under and On Water



G and I were having drinks in Philadelphia at the home of a highly spirited, delightful, wealthy dowager and old friend who’s in her early 80’s. She had just finished reading the Casanova book and criticized us for just mentioning G’s experience with women under water and not on it.

In the book, except for the scene where a ballsy contessa unzipped G’s zipper under the Bridge of Sighs or Ponte di Sospiri in Venice and dabbled with his pecker while tourists looked on, he describes only two scenes with women in water; one in a huge bath tub with a French Canadian woman who poured copious amounts of champagne on him as part of foreplay and the other in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Coral Gables in Florida. He also has had other under water experiences with about six others which he didn’t write about. G found underwater sex a huge sexual downer disappointment. He says the guy does all the work struggling to stand up and hold his balance while, at the same time, holding the gal firmly by her cheeks- the rear end ones- so she won’t sink while he’s pumping away. She, buoyed by the water, effortlessly spreads her legs around the guy and relaxes with a smile on her face while he does all the work. He said it reminds him of the Tantric and Taoist ladies and how they have all the fun when copulating. For example, in Taoist China, a woman’s vital energy of ch’i needed to be constantly recharged by a man’s sexual energy. Tantra goddesses were all over India where the women gave energy to the man during sexual intercourse. In both of these religions, it’s a sacred duty for the man to hold off his ejaculation for as long as possible- and even to surrender it- while the ladies lay on their backs enjoying multiple orgasms. Those Oriental goddesses, probably created by women or men under their influence, certainly did a great snow job in brainwashing the poor guys. Imagine an American male, as a way of life, feeling guilty for having an orgasm before the woman does. Just imagine!

Getting back to the dowager: She asked him about his amorous experiences on the water on boats. He said he had a few lovely ones on cruises or in cabins of moderate size boats. When he began to describe the scenes she abruptly interrupted him and said, “No! No! I mean on the deck, not in the cabin, or on a row boat or even a canoe without a roof where, for example, you’re on the water with a beautiful sky above you and you can hear the soothing sound of the water and maybe even the surf, if you’re not too far away from the shore. I’m talking about when the beauty of nature romantically adds to the pleasure of love making as it would in the forest.”

G gave me a funny look, and I sensed he was uncomfortable. But then he turned to her and said, “Laura, can I be truthful or should I shut up for you may be disappointed in what I have to say?” With a broad smile she replied, “G, you don’t have to tell me. You’re not a roofless boat assman. Right?” “Not quite, but three episodes jump to mind and there are others with similar outcomes.

“The first was when I had an apartment at Marina Del Rey in California. One of my neighbors, a nice guy, took us- me and my date- out on his boat on a moonlit night. When we arrived in deep water we lowered a raft after which I rowed for a couple of minutes. She puffed on her marijuana weed, and it must have been strong stuff for she undressed and was all over me within a couple of minutes. While on her back she had a tough time finding a comfortable position because of limited space and a hard floor which most of these boats are like. Though they are on water they ain’t, let me tell you, waterbeds! Then the boat began to shake a little and she screamed, “G, it’s a shark! Take me back to the boat!” I happily obeyed and went straight to the cabin to finish the affair. No sharks but just a king size bed.

“The second happened in the Caribbean on a canoe on a beautiful sunny day. Love time had arrived and the lady – by the way, I would rate as extremely sensual so my pipes were steaming hot- lay on her back but she couldn’t get comfortable. She complained but finally found a position that she could handle and I could be able to perform though the positions for both of us were lousy. As soon as I started making vigorous moves the boat began to shake back and forth and she, being afraid, said, “G. you’re going to tip the boat if you keep it up, and I’m not a great swimmer.” And boy was she thankful when I told her we were going back to land. And so was I!

“There’s a very small, private island off the coast of Calabria in Italy with a single restaurant nestled in the side of a hill with lots of trees and shrubs that used to be one of my favorite destinies. On one of my trips I hired a motor boat and took off with a lady who rarely made demands and was comfortable to be with. It was a beautiful day and on the way we consumed a bottle of wine. I anchored the boat and we watched the dolphins leap out of the water beside our boat. And did she look sultry which called for whoopee time. We disrobed and placed the featherless thin as can be pillows we had on the cramped flat hard spaces on the boat. She unsuccessfully squirmed to get into a comfortable position and, evidently her butt hit a protruding bolt and she shouted out, “Ouch!” As our sex ritual was about to begin she- and I’ll never forget those eyes- almost pleaded, ‘G, isn’t this ridiculous? This position is ridiculous particularly when there’s a romantic restaurant waiting for us with wonderful food and wine and a comfortable place to take a nap.’ So up went the anchors and I, happy as a pig in shit, opened the throttle and went full speed ahead toward the island.

“Now I’m testing my memory, but I don’t remember any woman asking me to switch positions with me being on the bottom in order to continue. I, myself, did think of it a couple of times but decided to stay silent for reasons I’m sure you understand.

“Laura, over the years I’ve discussed this sex-roofless- boat scenario with a number of men and, maybe with the exception of a few young bulls, all prefer to make love in a comfortable boat cabin.”

Then naughty Laura, sipping on her beloved champagne periodically during the day as Winston Churchill used to do, surprised the crap out of us. Out of nowhere she said, “G, in the book you discussed detailed ways on which to make love to parts of a woman’s body such as the breast and clitoris but you don’t do it with women’s rear ends. Yes, you discuss it somewhat, but not in detail. As a favor, in your next post I want you to describe in detail how you do or did it.”

The way in which she requested it was a classic female technique which women use and which men find it almost impossible to refuse. Bottom line, she knew G would carry out her wish. G, leaning forward and gently squeezing her forearm, answered, “Your wish is my command.” He paused and then, with a broad challenging smile, asked, “Laura, at your age are you still having sexual fantasies?”

Laura smiled back and remained silent.


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