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Women, Greater Expectations and a Victoria Milan Survey

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In my previous post on volume sex, I mentioned that women have “greater expectations” than men when it comes to copulating. For that reason, I concluded that women would tire of volume sex, sex with many partners, before men do. Shortly after, I read about a survey in the Huffington Post conducted by Victoria Milan, which is a dating service for married people looking to have an affair. The survey included over 4000 members.  It’s not clear whether they were all married or not because the word “partner” is used instead of a married person. As some of you know, I am very suspicious of the results of many surveys and studies but there was one result in this survey that I must respect because of the large size of the number. Eighty-nine percent of women reported that they “feel more appreciated” with their partners! This clearly supports women having greater expectations than men which significantly impacts their sexual behavior.

There was mention of another survey conducted by Ashley Madison, another dating service for restless married men and women, which found that cheating men prefer Guinness beer. Though I’m not sure whether this is true or not, let’s make the assumption that it is. The question is how can we use this finding to increase fidelity and decrease flexidelity? Here’s one suggestion to begin with: wives should see whether there’s Guinness in the refrigerator?

Any other ideas?

Are Orgasms Healthy For You? (You May Not Want To Read This!)



We all like good news. Those of you who read my posts, however, may find it annoying that I periodically mention that a significant percentage of clinical studies are flawed and their conclusions not valid. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. These studies even include sophisticated clinical ones conducted by medical experts at our prestigious medical institutions.

I’ve been searching the medical-health literature to find out whether orgasms are good for your health. Now you may not want to hear this, but the overwhelming majority of positive clinical reports were very unprofessional and seriously flawed, way more than in other medical studies. That’s not to say that the conclusions aren’t correct, but the data don’t support them.

Why is this so? There are number of reasons, one major one being that sexual benefits of health are not of as much interest to expert research doctors as, for example, the treatment of lung or breast cancer or manic depression. As a result, many of the studies are not designed and conducted by medical experts but usually by less disciplined investigators where the results are questionable. Also, sex is a very “hot” field, and men and women are understandably eager to embrace any type of information which is oftentimes misinformation.  Because of this huge market-demand for sex information, there is a constant push and a rush to publish any kind of sex information regardless of the quality. Currently, there aren’t many places to find out the truth about sex and so this pattern, unfortunately, will continue for the foreseeable future.

Let’s take, as an example of exaggerated sex claims, a recent Huffington Post piece, “The 5 Health Benefits of Orgasms” where it is claimed that clinical research studies support that having only one orgasm a week has the following health benefits:

  • Reduces the risk of mild depression
  • Offers a 36% reduction of heart disease
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights the effects of chronic pain
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor to keep everything in place and not leaking*

FYI, almost everything dramatically improves mild depression, including just the passing of time or a placebo. If only a once-a-week orgasm reduces heart disease by 36%, an incredibly dishonest claim, then nymphomaniacs should have the healthiest hearts of all! To my knowledge no one has looked into this possibility.

The Huffington Post writes about Karen Lorre, an actress and former Playmate, who describes her orgasm experience in, “Karen Lorre Has 11 Orgasms in One Day Thanks to ‘Orgasmic Meditation’.” She claims that the latter is a “…source of unlimited energy that’s found in all of us.” FYI, none of us has unlimited energy and few can have 11 orgasms a day- Orgasmic Meditation or no.

There are other orgasm-benefit claims such as prolonging life or longevity. To prove this in a medical study would, let’s say, require studying about 600,000 volunteers from birth to death dividing them into three groups: the first is never permitted to have an orgasm for their entire lives, not even by masturbation; the second once, a week and the third, twice a week. The volunteers must be constantly monitored to make sure they stick to their orgasm program. But maybe that won’t be necessary. The average life span of an American is about 77 years with women living to be about 80. That of Catholic nuns, however, is 86 years. One, therefore, can already make the argument that abstinence from orgasms prolongs life! That’s not farfetched for caloric reduction by the reduction of food intake significantly prolongs life in certain animals.

In conclusion, there are very few solid clinical studies that support the health benefit of orgasms. The good news is that there are reasonable clinical studies which report that sexual intercourse does not increase the risk of heart attacks even in most patients with heart disease. Regarding other significant risks in the pursuit and achievement of orgasms, there’s  the economic one- but that’s another story.

*I’m assuming that the male pelvic floor is not included because, to my knowledge, it doesn’t leak.

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