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Male Frenulum-Vaseline and a Rich Korean Masseuse

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It always fascinated me how many separate, different things somehow connect in life. G was at an all-male get together when one of the men approached him, patted him on the back and said, “You son of a gun. Wait until you hear what you’ve done.”

Now the story comes from a second- hand source and it may be all baloney but, even if so, the message makes a hell-of-a lot of business sense. The guy told G that he had a friend who periodically visited a Korean masseuse of average talent but she was good enough to fulfill his needs. She worked for a type of massage parlor where the ladies, in order to avoid being charged with prostitution, automatically and without asking for money in order to avoid being jailed for prostitution, masturbated the men at the end of the massage and expected a higher tip than those parlors which didn’t offer masturbation or performed the act confidentially. If a masseuse asks a man if he wants a hand-job and tells the man it includes a fee, then it falls under the legal definition of a prostitute and she would be charged for that. Now here’s something I really think stinks to high heaven which undercover policemen sometimes do. It’s a classic sting which G and I and all of our male friends couldn’t do to a lady. They ask the masseuse for a hand-job and how much it would cost. If the masseuse goes along with it and quotes the price, then that’s prostitution, and she ends up in the slammer.

Anyway, in the past G’s friend and the guy had a discussion about how disappointing masseuses in general were so the friend suggested that he read our post on the male frenulum and Vaseline and so he did. He became very excited and took the post to her. But as with most Asiatic masseuses, her English was very limited and she couldn’t understand it.  After he gave her only two lessons and much to his delight she caught on and became superb at it. Though he was a happy trooper, he soon regretted it. She, being the clever type, used it on all her customers. As a result her reputation spread like wildfire, and her tips dramatically increased so much so that she decided to leave and start her own business in a location too inconvenient for his friend to travel to.

He heard her business is booming. She hired four gals, two Caucasians and two Koreans and trained them according to G’s formula. One big reason he hired the Caucasian ladies is that few Koreans ones, for puzzling reasons, cannot even understand basic English so the guys are frustrated in that they can’t tell them what they like. It’s a real downer. It now takes weeks for a new customer to get an appointment, and she’s now driving a Mercedes. The guy heard that she’s taking G’s advice and starting a chain of parlors, but that’s not definite.

What is sad is that his friend found a new Korean masseuse and tried to teach her the frenulum-Vaseline technique. He’s frustrated as hell because she just can’t get it quite right!

But here’s G’s point: There’s a huge market out there for this type of masseuse parlor with the ladies who are masters at hand-jobs. Though I don’t know the legal ramifications, it seems to me that if other sexual services are also offered the way hand-jobs are, the financial sky is the limit for a chain of parlors. As in biotechnology, there has to be a first company to take the chance and lead the way. And what makes this type of venture really attractive is that the financial risk is very low.

Are there any entrepreneurs out there to be the first?


Frenulum preputi penis: Is There a Male G-spot? Vaseline?

frenulum preputi

Not too long ago someone asked me if there’s a male G- spot. Also, if so, is there a difference between circumcised and uncircumcised men?

I hadn’t the slightest idea so I did a web search and discovered that about anything a woman does to a man can turn him on from biting and breathing heavily on the ear, massaging a man’s prostate either on the outside of the body where fingers are placed between the anus and scrotum or actually placing the fingers in the anus, tonguing the raphe of the scrotum to biting his nipples. I could find no evidence of a male G’s-spot existence.

Then I searched for differences between men whose phalluses’ had been raped or circumcised and uncircumcised ones regarding the pleasure of the sexual act. It’s believed that the head of the circumcised penis is less sensitive than one with a prepuce leading to diminished sensations. I’ll repeat what I’ve said before and will keep reminding you. Most clinical studies are flawed and so also with these studies. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they exist, I could find no proven differences.

Before I gave up the search, I decided to call G to find out whether he discussed this subject with the 300 gals whom he bedded with: In otherwords, right to the horse’s mouth. He did recall having conversations with many of them about men’s ways of making love but searched his memory bank for the G-spot discussions. Suddenly, he said, “Lorenzo, you won’t believe this. I do remember three separate discussions with them, and all found that their men’s G-spots were right where the bottom of the head of the penis meets the shaft. They would place their thumb directly on it and slowly move it up and down along with skin that moved over the rim of the glans or penile head. All said that they didn’t speed up much just before orgasm, and I don’t remember the reason why. I do, however, remember one thing that struck me. They all used Vaseline because the men were circumcised periodically applying it to the area.  Maybe the reason why I remembered these three and not other conversations is because they were strikingly similar.

“Also here’s something else. Some of the best oral sex I experienced with women were those who with their tongues, and only a few knew how to do it, sensually caressed  the same spot but, of course, without Vaseline. I understand that the top of the line ladies of the night are expert at this technique.”

Curious that his experiences might offer a clue to the male G-spot, I looked up the anatomy of the penis and discovered that where the ladies thumbs and tongues were placed is called the frenulum preputi penis which is a heavily innervated tissue that connects the prepuce to the shaft of the penis. One can reasonably assume that, though not unequivocally proven, with a prepuce of an uncircumcised man moving up and down over the frenulum during intercourse or other sexual acts, the sensation is greater than that with an over-exposed, insensitive one as a result of circumcision.  But, I wondered whether Vaseline would nullify this disadvantage.

Now here’s my theory: In circumcised men the frenulum is more exposed to direct touch that those with prepuces. When the ladies place Vaseline on it, it not only took the place of the prepuce but is superior to it because of a direct, more concentrated lubricant contact.

Though G disagrees, most believe that the female clitoris is the principle G-spot of women. I have a hunch that the frenulum may be the G-spot of men, and this possibility should be explored. The only way to prove this is in a clinical study with a sophisticated protocol which I’m thinking about. On the other hand, my advice to you is, “Why wait – and don’t forget the Vaseline!”



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