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Male Frenulum-Vaseline and a Rich Korean Masseuse

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It always fascinated me how many separate, different things somehow connect in life. G was at an all-male get together when one of the men approached him, patted him on the back and said, “You son of a gun. Wait until you hear what you’ve done.”

Now the story comes from a second- hand source and it may be all baloney but, even if so, the message makes a hell-of-a lot of business sense. The guy told G that he had a friend who periodically visited a Korean masseuse of average talent but she was good enough to fulfill his needs. She worked for a type of massage parlor where the ladies, in order to avoid being charged with prostitution, automatically and without asking for money in order to avoid being jailed for prostitution, masturbated the men at the end of the massage and expected a higher tip than those parlors which didn’t offer masturbation or performed the act confidentially. If a masseuse asks a man if he wants a hand-job and tells the man it includes a fee, then it falls under the legal definition of a prostitute and she would be charged for that. Now here’s something I really think stinks to high heaven which undercover policemen sometimes do. It’s a classic sting which G and I and all of our male friends couldn’t do to a lady. They ask the masseuse for a hand-job and how much it would cost. If the masseuse goes along with it and quotes the price, then that’s prostitution, and she ends up in the slammer.

Anyway, in the past G’s friend and the guy had a discussion about how disappointing masseuses in general were so the friend suggested that he read our post on the male frenulum and Vaseline and so he did. He became very excited and took the post to her. But as with most Asiatic masseuses, her English was very limited and she couldn’t understand it.  After he gave her only two lessons and much to his delight she caught on and became superb at it. Though he was a happy trooper, he soon regretted it. She, being the clever type, used it on all her customers. As a result her reputation spread like wildfire, and her tips dramatically increased so much so that she decided to leave and start her own business in a location too inconvenient for his friend to travel to.

He heard her business is booming. She hired four gals, two Caucasians and two Koreans and trained them according to G’s formula. One big reason he hired the Caucasian ladies is that few Koreans ones, for puzzling reasons, cannot even understand basic English so the guys are frustrated in that they can’t tell them what they like. It’s a real downer. It now takes weeks for a new customer to get an appointment, and she’s now driving a Mercedes. The guy heard that she’s taking G’s advice and starting a chain of parlors, but that’s not definite.

What is sad is that his friend found a new Korean masseuse and tried to teach her the frenulum-Vaseline technique. He’s frustrated as hell because she just can’t get it quite right!

But here’s G’s point: There’s a huge market out there for this type of masseuse parlor with the ladies who are masters at hand-jobs. Though I don’t know the legal ramifications, it seems to me that if other sexual services are also offered the way hand-jobs are, the financial sky is the limit for a chain of parlors. As in biotechnology, there has to be a first company to take the chance and lead the way. And what makes this type of venture really attractive is that the financial risk is very low.

Are there any entrepreneurs out there to be the first?


G and The Big Sur Taoist Gal – Chapter from The Man Who Made Love to More Women Than Casanova

Tao photo

Poor Guy! Sacrificing His Yang for Her Yin!


“It happened at Big Sur in California, where I gave a talk on my work. After the talk, I was approached by a very tall and attractive Eurasian lady who had lots of questions about my presentation. It was late in the afternoon, and martini time had arrived, so I asked if we could continue our conversation in the bar lounge. I was pretty sure that she would order a drink like club soda with a lemon spritz. I was wrong. She joined me with a martini. She was a very bright lady and handled herself with a subtle air of superiority. Not that she was a snob or anything like that, but her manner of speech and body language sent out a message that she was on a higher level than the average woman. After our session, we shook hands and parted ways. I showed no interest in seeing her again, and that was the truth.

My father used to tell me that there’s a time and a place for everything and quoted Ecclesiastes: ‘For everything there is a season.’ That night, my season was to be alone. Mind you, I might not have even succeeded in wooing her even to dinner. I’ve been turned down many times in my lifetime, and it usually doesn’t bother me at all—if ever. The more you desire a woman, the more difficult it is to handle her rejection. Take a lesson from Buddha!

I had planned to attend the morning session of the conference the next day and was booked on a flight back to New York later that afternoon. That morning, while I was in the pre-conference breakfast room, in walked the Eurasian. She looked stunning, and I immediately wondered how much time she’d spent preparing herself for her impressive entrance. Many of the guys couldn’t take their eyes off of her. I, as usual, turned my back to her and began reading the conference program. I can’t tell you why, but I had a hunch that she wanted to speak with me. And my intuition was correct. I was the guy that she was looking for. I wondered why she had dressed-to-kill for our encounter.

She tapped me on the shoulder, and here’s how it went. She told me she’d thought about our discussion and had come up with a commercial idea but wanted my help in putting together a business plan, because of my knowledge of a particular market. While speaking, she layered on a healthy but subtle dose of body-language sensuality, and let me tell you, she was very good at it. Then came the surprise. She lived near Big Sur and invited me to her home for dinner that night to further discuss her business plan. She told me she was not a great cook but hoped I would be happy with her culinary skills. Well, Lorenzo, what would you have done if you were in my shoes? Cancel the flight, right?”

“You bet your life. I wouldn’t even rebook until the night was over and I knew whether there would be another day, which is unusual for me.”

“When she opened the door, what I saw was a temporary vision of pure, sensual beauty.”

“G, what do you mean by ‘temporary’?”

“Because she very, very especially made herself up for the evening, and the next morning, her beauty would be markedly diminished. Get it? Anyway, she wore a white hanging kimono that draped down to her ankles, with marvelous slits that showed her legs and just-right views of her breasts. She puzzled me when she said that a martini would not be appropriate for that evening. That turned on my antennae that this was not going to be a normal evening, and I knew the business plan might never be discussed, let alone mentioned. We began with red Bordeaux, and then a very complicated and intriguing evening was launched, but I’ll make the story short. She was, would you believe, a bona fide Taoist.

Taoism is an old Chinese philosophy that concerns itself a lot with sex. Briefly put, it deals with yin and yang and sexual energy. A man’s yang, not his wang—ha-ha!—is in his semen, but there’s a limited supply. A woman’s yin, which is contained in her vaginal fluids, is limitless and is the fuel to increase a man’s vital energy.

So these clever Taoist women convinced the naive male that he should withhold his ejaculation and orgasm for as long as possible so he could absorb the energy from the yin of her vaginal secretions while she had her orgasms and enjoyed herself.

I surprised her when I told her I knew something about Taoism, and it was a privilege to meet my first practicing member. I wanted to add that she shouldn’t expect a marathon from me, however, because my yang was okay and in no need of help, but I didn’t. Suddenly, I observed that there were no pots or pans on the stove, which further increased my curiosity about what this lady was up to. She must have read my mind, and she brought a plate of assorted appetizers and placed it on the coffee table in front of the sofa. She disappeared for a moment and returned with, would you believe, a water pipe—and asked me to join her in puffing. Though I hadn’t the slightest idea of what I would be puffing, I decided to go along, even though I was aware that it might limit my yang’s ability to increase her yin or the other way around.

Well, I smoked the stuff, and it really hit my brain. It not only made my genitals more sensitive but also caused the stem to arise. Also, it made her look more sensual than before, which is saying a lot. She slowly escorted me to her bed, and I managed to, after a long session, increase her yin without releasing my yang. After that, we stretched out in bed, side by side, and I still felt somewhat relaxed and concluded that sex for the night was over and I would shortly call a cab after my head cleared.

She suddenly placed her body on top of mine. The intense warmth I felt was both unexpected and welcomed. She then went to the living room and brought back the pipe to the bedside. I really wasn’t in the mood, but when a sensual Eurasian lady says to you, ‘Smoke a little more, for it’s my turn,’ who the hell could refuse such an offer? We took a couple of puffs, and the relaxation effect on me was pretty strong. It, however, energized her big time. We embraced, not hugged, for a while. She artfully and slowly massaged my genitals and created a crescendo type of stimulation like the Tantric ladies are reputed to do. Frankly speaking, I was a little bit worried about my heart, for it was racing a mile a minute.

She continued with one of the greatest performances of oral sex that I’d encountered, and the orgasm could not have been more sublime!

Needless to say, we never got around to her business plan. I, shaky as I was, managed to leave during the middle of the night and, like with most of the others, never saw her again.”

“G, you mentioned Tantric sex. What the hell is that?”

To be continued in the next chapter – “G and The Tantric Gal”
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Disappointing Massage Parlors and the Circumcised Penis G-spot

-A Wonderful Entrepreneurial Business Opportunity-


frenulum massage

In a previous post we mentioned that G and I believe that the frenulum is probably the main male G-spot, particularly in circumcised men.

Last week we had a delightful bi-annual dinner reunion in Philadelphia with eight old colleagues. During dinner the subject of our previous post on the frenulum and the male G-spot came up for discussion. With one exception, all around the table were circumcised.

Interestingly enough, all of them had discussed the post with their male friends and all agreed that the frenulum was a huge major zone of male eroticism which, generally speaking, women have, for unexplainable reasons, failed to exploit. Though there are no clinical studies to prove it, we all agreed that men probably do a better job on the female clitoris-frenulum G-spot than females do on theirs. Maybe because men are better exploratory lovers when it comes to locating the G-spot than women. We all agreed that we just don’t have the facts.

If you recall, the extremely sensitive male frenulum connects the skin of the penis to just below the circumcised head. It’s easy to see but women generally miss it- and not for reasons which have to do with poor vision and a lack of bifocals! The best ways to stimulate the frenulum are as follows: If by hand, the moisturized Vaseline or equivalent should be periodically placed directly on the frenulum and the thumb also placed directly on the frenulum while stroking; by mouth, the tongue should periodically massage it while pulling the skin over it. We were not sure about the use of vibrators because of our lack of experiencing this method. But whatever the method, to maximize the orgasm, the upfront process should be slow with speeding up at the end that most men like but others prefer to continue with the slow pace.

Our conversation took us to a lengthy discussion of massage parlors and masseuses. Over the years all of us, including discussions with others from gardeners to lawyers and in one way or another, have visited the parlors and talked about experiences with masseuses. After dinner, while in a private smoke- proof back room, some of the guys lighted their cigars and G his pipe and continued our discussion.

We characterized two types of men who visit massage parlors into two groups: The sexually satisfied and the difficult to satisfy. Now it would take a 5 year, multimillion dollar clinical study to clearly characterize the characteristics of both groups but we, out of curiosity, took a crack at it. Regarding satisfied men, they are by far in the majority. Generally speaking, the younger the man the easier to satisfy. All the masseuse has to do is to rapidly stroke the penis for a very brief period of time before the happy moment happens. Also, there are the guys who, for a number of reasons, simply almost never “get enough” and are the easiest to please. And then there are the guys where the massage, itself, is sensual and easily relaxes them enough for the big moment. All enviable men!!

Now let’s look at the minority of unsatisfied men: The observations of our colleagues and friends all boil down to that certain minds are more complicated than others requiring a higher level of mental and physical sexual know-how from the woman.

The following are some revealing observations and comments that were generally agreed upon: Practically all masseuses have a mechanical delivery style just like a jack-hammer rapidly jerking-off a guy until he comes. No finesse at all.

Very few have sexual body language, and there is a virtual absence of seductive verbal language. Their attire, let’s say, is not worn in a stimulating way. You would think they would pay more attention to these things because they would earn much bigger tips. Go figure.

To repeat, they fail to locate and properly stimulate the frenulum of the circumcised penis.

Not too long ago Asian women, many Korean, have become major players in massage parlors. Unfortunately, a high percentage cannot understand, let alone speak, the English language. This frustrates any attempt by a man to describe what he wants. Interestingly enough, even if she does understand, she generally misses the target. And here’s another point: Most of the complicated guys don’t like to explain to the masseuses what they like for it robs the event of its mystery which fuels fantasies. Also, if she doesn’t deliver after she’s told, it can cause severe penile depression!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the masseuse market, like the early biotechnology one, is ready to be exploited. And, like the biotech market, it requires creative entrepreneurs to start a franchise, like McDonalds, where the masseuses are trained to sexually satisfy men including ways to stimulate the circumcised frenulum. These entrepreneurs will make a fortune.

But there is a legal problem. In the past and even today, it is against the law for a masseuse to jerk-off a guy. If he requests and she agrees, it’s consider an act of prostitution. A guy has to somehow convince her that he is not a cop because cops do pretend to be a regular guy and entrap the poor ladies. If the lady gives the cop, after his request, sexual relief she is – I’m not sure if handcuffed-taken to the police station and charged with the crime of prostitution. What an assignment for a cop! If a regular guy with hormones flowing makes the request and is refused by the masseuse that, in itself, is a sexual downer.

But, though I’m not sure of the legal status, a couple of guys told me that in certain massage parlors masturbation comes with the massage fee. No need to ask for the service as with a prostitute! This is considered consensual sex between two adults for the man can refuse. Then it’s up to the man to leave a voluntary tip which is not considered a payment to a prostitute.

If the doors are opened, and I’m sure the courts will agree, that this type of massage is legal, then entrepreneurs could enter the marketplace. The masseuses, educated by the corporate leader specialists, will then be motivated to function on a higher sexual level and not bored because of their huge tip income- and it will be huge.

When our wonderful evening was coming to a close, one of our friends wondered whether, with the explosive sexual revolution, women would flock to masseur massage parlors for vaginal-clitoral stimulation or even vaginal dildo services.

We took a final sip of our cognacs, shrugged our shoulders in silence and called it a night.

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