Baccalà’s Work

book cover

The Man Who Made Love to More Women Than Casanova: And the Apocalyptic Aphrodisiac

The famous Venetian Don Juan, Giacomo Casanova, made love to 132 women and G about 300. G, a bachelor, is now retired from the world of sex adventures. He traveled the world having only one night affairs with women in different countries and cultures. He concentrated solely on sexually satisfying women by employing a broad range of personal skills which he describes in vivid detail. Interestingly enough, his amorous adventures began before our sexual revolution. He compares his wooing ways with women of all types- White. Black, Asian, Hispanic, beautiful, attractive and average to highly intelligent ones describing in detail how they reacted and surrendered to his variety of stimulating sexual rituals from domination to ménage à trois to drugs. He believes the authors of the Kama Sutra were amateurs! After his story ends, G, in a philosophic mood, muses about both modern sex in America and on the soon to come arrival of the first pansexual aphrodisiac.

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