About Lorenzo Baccalà

Lorenzo Baccalà is an Italian American physician, author and social philosopher. Over the years he has witnessed our changing cultural and religious values including the mighty impact of the sexual revolution on individual, family and national values. Regarding sex, one of his favorite quotes is, “Sex is like fire. It can warm up your home or burn it down.” He observes that sex is now everywhere, and we are increasingly engulfed in its flames. Strangely enough, little reliable information is written on the details of the art and science of men making love to women, let alone the other way around.

For this reason he persuaded his old friend “G” to be interviewed for this book about his sexual encounters of selected various types in different countries among about 300 women with whom he bedded with. Because of the controversial nature of American sex, “G” chose to remain anonymous. He is convinced that, unlike books, surveys or media coverage of sex scandals, descriptions of his “real-life” encounters with women have true- to- life immense educational values for both sexes. The Table of Contents of The Man Who Made Love to More Women than Casanova And the Apocalyptic Aphrodisiac tells much more about G’s story than a detailed description. Dr. Baccalà urges those where sex is a significant part of their lives to read this book and absorb its lessons. He will, however, write about the broader subject of the sexual revolution including on his blog and Twitter posts.

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