G’s Amorous Reflections on Women’s Lips, Teeth, Cheeks, Chins, Ears, Nose, Necks and Hair

Lorenzo Baccalà

Body Parts - woman's head

It was one of those rare nights that I wished I had videoed for romantic men and women to behold. It happened at G’s home during dinner with an attractive elderly widow oozing with class. As usual, it was a happy, stimulating and extremely tasty one- the food, that is. He prepared straccetti, taglierini with peas with an unidentifiable sauce, a knockout, and a small tomato, cucumber and shallot salad covered with finely chopped mint. The guy really knows how to prepare simple, tasty dishes.

It so happens that the widow has exceptionally beautiful and expressive eyes as Shakespeare, Keats or some other poet once described as the mirrors of the soul. During dinner, G, with a Brindisi, saluted the beauty of her eyes, and we all drank an amount of wine that was more than the traditional sip.  Suddenly, as G usually does when in deep thought, he stared…

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