G, His Sex Slave Ladies: Part II


In a previous post, G pointed out that there’s no difference between domination and slave sexual encounters. He also pointed out that the GMD, his muff-diving approach which is much broader in technique than cunnilingus and which has no medical term, is particularly effective in these scenes to bring a woman to orgasmic climactic heights that she could never have experienced without it and, oftentimes, never experienced before.

G thought that the chapter in our Casanova book, Muff-diving and the GMD, would best describe how it’s done.

                                  G, Muff-diving and the GMD

G was much more enthusiastic and excited about  

discussing the subject of muff-diving, particularly the GMD, than the

other topics. He began, “To me, muff – diving is perhaps the greatest

of the sexual arts and the most difficult to master. It is, paradoxically,

not nearly as appreciated as it should be by both men and women. It has

the power to initiate and resuscitate sexual passion to its highest level.

I have a hunch that many women have never fully experienced it. But

who knows? ”


“Wow, G, that’s a pretty big statement, and the first time I heard

anyone place it on that level. Before we go on, in your discussion of the

G-spot you mentioned cunnilingus. Is there a difference between that

and muff-diving?”


“Good question, and there is no clear answer. Let’s just say that the

latter is much more sophisticated than the former or the other commonly

used term, ‘eating her out’. It’s like a high school football team versus

a college one. It’s the minor leagues versus the major ones. There’s no



Then G did it again. He stared at the ceiling, puffed on his pipe

and wondered. “Now I’m talking about my day when a relatively high

percentage of women didn’t like it when a man ‘went down on it’. When

I encountered such a lady I did one of two things. If I thought it was a

hopeless case and the resistance very high, I’d immediately back off. But

if it was in the questionable zone and the lady was comfortable with drugs

such as smoke or coke, then I would use them. It worked every time.


“The principle behind truly effective muff-diving is analogous to a

woman buying a superbly comfortable shoe. When a woman is sexually

comfortable in both mind and body she will fling her inhibitions aside

and let herself go. Take my word for it, muff-diving requires a hell of a

lot of know-how.”


“G, I get your general message but let’s hear about the details of your

approach. Sounds like it’s complicated.”


G nodded his head in the affirmative and continued. “You’re right.

It’s like kissing but more complex, primordial and evolutionary. Also,

like with domination, the first step is critical to open the doors for if

it’s done poorly, women will not even approach achieving their maximal



“And what is this magical door-opener first step?”

“It’s properly placing your entire face between a woman’s legs right

up against her vulva in such a way that the woman is relaxed and very

receptive to further exploration. I cannot emphasize this enough. The fit

has to be perfect. Seems like it’s easy but it ain’t. Now I know you’re going

to ask me about the specifics on how I achieve the perfect fit. I really can’t

give a specific formula for, as I said, it requires know-how and flexibility.

In other words, you have to be there between her legs and make multiple

decisions and moves based on feel and instincts. But I’ll give it a try and

start with my universal sex mantra- always begin slowly! Never make it

the first move. Wait until a woman is aroused by kissing and fondling.

Then slowly spread her legs either gently or roughly depending on a

woman’s preference. Before you place your face against the vulva you can

either spread the vulva labia to expose the clitoris or not. I make that

decision based on instinct and the moment.


“Now comes the master move, the move that I consider to be one of

most sophisticated in love- making. It’s the positioning of the face against

the vulva where the face and vulva become intimately bonded. There’s

nothing like it. Believe it or not, I rarely find the perfect fit at- pardon

the pun- the first crack. In any case, I remain motionless just lingering

there searching for the perfect fit which judgment I make by sensing

her response. This usually takes about a minute or even less. I forgot to

mention, just the act of remaining motionless has a teasing- arousal effect

which makes it easier to locate and establish the fit. It brings it out. After

you sense her response then I move forward.”


G, with a devilish look in his eyes, said, “You’re about to ask me how

I judge when a woman responds. Correct?”




“Lorenzo, here we go again! You’re asking me to define the undefinable.

Her response could be a sudden tightening or rigidity of her body or

increase in her breathing rate. The way that gives me the most pleasure

is when her hot thighs tighten and grasp both sides of my head. The

heat of her thighs against my ears, small as it may seem considering

the grander scale of sex acts, feels wonderful to me. Increases in vaginal

secretions are unreliable as a marker to move forward. You may find this

hard to believe but most of the time the early response is silent. Nothing

physical is detectable but somehow I can sense the message through a

woman’s silence. How I detect this is a mystery, even to me. It must be a

sixth sense or a mysterious way of brain wave communication between

two sexual partners. By the way, these ethereal types of communication

exist between two people in many walks of life.


“Then what follows is another phenomenon that’s difficult to describe.

It’s when the face comfortably and magnetically becomes sensually

attached to the vulva zone. Perhaps a master at prose or poetry could

best describe this binding but here’s the best I can do.”

G, for some reason, took a deep breath and began. “To repeat, the

first phase of muff-diving is the master key to open other sexual doors.

Screw this up and potential high- level sexual experiences will be limited.”

G then burst out again into rather robust laughter. Both surprised and

curious, I asked him what was so funny. He answered, “The GMD and

the first phase of muff-diving. It happened on Vancouver Island years ago

but before I get to that let me try to describe this critical first phase. After

a woman is comfortable with the face united with her vulva, I then take

the next step. If I had to choose a word to describe this step, inadequate

as it may be, it would be ‘chewing.’”


This time I laughed but then remained silent fearing to disrupt his

train of thought. He then continued, “You carefully, but firmly, place

the upper layer of teeth over the pubic bone and the lower level under

the top layer of the vagina which can or cannot include the clitoris. The

latter is a judgment call. Then you slowly begin to chew the entire area

from the pubic bone to the upper layer of the vagina. As the chewing

phase progresses, you then can, carefully measured, employ suction sucking,

biting and tonguing along with the chewing. Depending on how

a woman responds, you can vary these moves in sequence, frequency and

intensity. In my experience, I spend lots of time in the chewing phase and

periodically return to it particularly after a woman already has had her

orgasms and needs a stimulus to get her back into the mood.”


“G, sorry, my friend, but you have to help me out trying to understand

this chewing phase. Is it like chewing on a piece of bread or meat?”

G thought for a moment and said, “Lorenzo, chewing is chewing.

But there are all kinds of chewing, and when you’re in the vulva area you

better chew properly or you’ll miss out on a beautiful moment. I know

where you’re coming from, and I’ll try for more clarification. You can

chew just with teeth, lips over all teeth or lips just over the top or bottom

row of teeth the latter being best done just before tonguing the clitoris.

Now this is extremely important. Women love sucking –suction in this

phase. Now don’t ask me to describe what this means. It’s, like chewing,

self-evident but you better do it right!”


I was going to push a little for further explanation, including the

difference between suction and sucking, but I knew G had had it. I,

however, didn’t forget Vancouver Island remark so I curious as hell,

asked, “G. before we go on, what happened at Vancouver Island?”

G laughed again. “I was at a conference when I met this tall, attractive,

leggy brunette. She was a bright marketing executive and a delightful

dinner companion. After we made love she, without batting an eyelash,

told me she had sex with at least thirty men. This was unheard of in those

times but not so startling these days. She told me that she experienced

a number of different techniques and sexual delights but she had her

biggest orgasm ever during my muff-diving phase. And then this creative

woman made a suggestion that I never have forgotten. She insisted that

I give my one-of-a-kind or “unique” initial muff-diving phase a brand

name like Coca Cola or Google. I didn’t pay much attention to this

provocative suggestion. She, however, persisted and then, Archimedes

–like, exclaimed, “Eureka, I have it. Let’s call it GMD. G stands for

your name and MD for muff-diving.” She then urged me to apply for a

trademark, and I said to myself, ‘That’s all I need’!”


It was time to move on in the interview, and I asked G to continue

with the GMD description. “I then turn my attention to each labium

and treat it as a special zone. The inside, outside and entire labia respond

differently, and I usually use the tongue on the inside while biting or

squeezing with my fingers on the entire one. I do one at a time but make

it very brief. I sometimes do both at the same time but it would need a

chapter to explain. Labia manipulation is highly effective if timed right

but I’ve never met a woman who, unlike the clitoris and vagina, liked

it more than a minute. You have to be aware of this for she might lose

confidence in your ability, if you linger there too long. Afterwards, you

can do one of two things. You can leave the vulva zone and make other

approaches such as kissing or gentle or not so gentle nipple squeezing.

But do not insert the penis yet, if ever. Holding off on penis insertion

has a very powerful anticipation-stimulatory effect.


“If you stay in the pubic area make sure your face remains optimally

united with her vulva. Don’t forget this because, as I said before, the

fitting itself is a powerful stimulant.”


“G, what makes you decide whether to stay or move on?”

“That’s simple. She’ll let you know simply by her body language and

behavior such as placing her hand upon and caressing the back of your

head and oftentimes by what she says. She can, for example say, “G, please

keep going” or “G, it feels good” or similar kinds of expressions of big time

satisfaction. If that happens you can go further particularly if it’s evident

that she wants to have a climax during this phase. For example, while

you’re sucking on the clitoris and upper vagina inserting two fingers- and

sometimes three- in the vagina pressing upon the clitoris and the upper

vagina behind it and just resting them there without movement almost

always increases her passion for more stimuli. After that happens, I use

the fingers as an ersatz or substitute penis and begin slowly pumping

away and then, at the right moment when she has obviously entered the

pre-climatic phase, I accelerate the strokes until she reaches a climax.

They are always humongous so much so that I was sometimes envious as

hell and wished that our positions were reversed.”

“G, I’m becoming exhausted listening to this complex system and all

the others including kissing. Nothing seems simple.”

“I never felt exhausted. How can you when you’re experiencing a

beautiful moment?”

“But you’re doing all the work.”

“Lorenzo, I never considered it work, and don’t forget I had some

happy moments myself. Before I get sidetracked let me conclude

describing another move that can lead to the biggest orgasms of all.

Now don’t forget that I’m speaking fantasy talk along the way which is

a critical factor in maximizing all other physical techniques, including

straight sex.”

“I’m, pardon the pun, all ears!”


G laughed and philosophized, “Sex is a complicated act, indeed.

What I’m talking about is usually, but not always, placing a pillow or two

under the rear end of a woman so that her vulva zone is elevated, and your

face is enmeshed to it. I tried this in a limited number of women without

a single failure. But I’m not an idiot, and I would not try this except

when I was pretty sure it would make the ladies happy. And don’t ask

me how I made this judgment. It’s the thing called instinct again. While

in that position I place my thumb in her vagina and my forefinger in her

anus while still continuing the GMD. The separation of the orifices is

paper thin, and I press both of them together and make no movement.

Invariably I receive a signal from the woman that she likes it very much.

When I receive this signal, I kind of massage- tough to describe- both

entrances with the thumb pressing against the finger and gently moving

them from side to side and up and down. What fascinates me is that

none of these women were into sodomy. Here’s a point that most men

do not appreciate when they’re in the vulva zone: Make sure your finger

nails are cut short and filed. One sharp hit upon the female vulva zone

tissue may make her very apprehensive of another hit and even turn her

irrevocably off.


“Lorenzo, that’s all I have to say about muff-diving and the GMD. I

doubt whether there are many muff-diver connoisseurs which is a pity for

women. Also the act of muff-diving is a pleasure in itself. It’s like being

an artist painting a fresco. You must stroke with the paint brush while

the fresco material is still fresh.”

“Before we shut down can you recall your most memorable muff-diving

experience? If so, what happened?”

“I certainly can, and I’ll tell you what happened. I almost died!”

“You’re pulling my chain, right?”

“Wrong. I did almost die because of a thunder-thigh woman. It’s

tough to explain thunder-thighs but most guys know them when they

see them. They’re big, not fat, muscularly solid thighs that turn most

guys on. In my experience I have not come across many of them. The last

time I saw them was in a seventy- two year old robust woman. Don’t ask

me about the details of that encounter! Anyway, I was GMD-ing a very

passionate thunder-thigh woman who was having multiple orgasms, and

I knew that the biggie orgasm was on its way. Knowing this, I pressed my

face more firmly onto her vulva enlisting all of my talents. She then had

the biggest orgasms of all the girls I loved before. During the orgasm she

virtually leapt off the mattress into the air and turned to her side taking

my head, which was tightly entrenched between her muscular thighs,

along with her. She almost tore my head off. I heard a crack in my neck,

thought it was broken and was fearfully waiting for the paralysis and

death to follow. I remember thinking what a stupid and embarrassing

way to die and how people would get a big laugh out of it. So would I, if

I were they. Needless to say, it was a long time before I ventured into this

territory again. End of my muff-diving and GMD story.”

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