G, His Sex Slave Ladies Part I: (The Need of the GMD, Part II and Clitoral Exploration Part III, to Follow in Separate Posts)


I recently received a call from a man about 50 years old who read the Casanova book and was fascinated by the chapter, G and Black Women, where G describes a scene with an exceptionally sensual black lady during the 80’s who he describes as having thunder thighs which, in his experience is a rarity.  While they were in bed and their hormones were skyrocketing, she pleaded, “You’re a strong man, and I want to be your slave. Please command me. I am your nigger.” The 50 year old thought it was a pretty heavy scene, but G didn’t. ”It’s routine. Slavery and sex go together like a hand and glove. I have no good explanation but there’s no doubt it has to do with the BGL, the Brain Genital Law described in previous posts. This has nothing to do with culture and race. There were more slaves than citizens in Rome and Greece, and you can bet that lots of lady slaves were turned on by their masters. I have little knowledge of the man- slave- sex situation, but it ain’t hard to make some educated guesses.

‘Look, Lorenzo, seduction, domination and various forms of sado-masochism are all forms of slavery where men and women surrender their will and, as a result,  become sexually excited and experience tremendous orgasms they would never  have experienced as free men and women. We have a cultural problem using the word ‘slavery’ but that’s what all these sexual acts are- pure and simple.  For whatever reason, loss of both mental and physical self-control fires up the brain, penis and clitoris to superheated temperatures. But I do want to emphasize that I’m mainly talking about part time or voluntary slavery and not that of a conquered people. But without doubt, Lorenzo, my ladies who had the most profound, prolonged and numerous orgasms were my slave ones. You’d be surprised what some of them asked of me. One voluptuous Jewish lady asked me to play a dominating Egyptian king of the Old Testament and treat her as a slave servant in a heavy way.  She begged me to call her my ‘Jew cunt’. Now, let me add an observation. There’s much more to a sex-slave scene than the master running the show for it can be a two-way street. The right slave can inspire the master to perform at a much higher level than usual and enjoy it more. That night, inspired by her inspiring submissive behavior, I couldn’t have been a better master pharaoh and reached higher than normal levels of a master’s performance. You know I felt like I was in a Stanislavski acting mindset where I actually, in my mind, became the goddamn pharaoh.”

“Well, G, I never heard or read about that kind of interaction before but it sure does make sense. Why not tell us more about some other more interesting slave scenes?”

G laughed and said that they were all interesting, but that it was complicated enough to describe them in the book, let alone in a post. Then he said, “Actions speaks louder than words.” This is the most I got out of him:  He then continued: “Let me first clear the air and say I don’t do dungeons either in dungeons or hotel suites.  I was not impressed by the sado-masochistic recreational red room in the erotic bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.

My experience with slavery always involved- and I mean always- both physical and mental approaches. It’s difficult to divide the amount of time I spend on each one for I almost do both at the same time or, rather, mix them up and decide when to concentrate more on one than on the other or both at the same time. You have to first explore and then read how the woman responds. I’ll be squeezing just off the side of her nipple or labia while whispering domination scenes which, to repeat, is nothing more than slavery interpreted as real by the brain. Maybe because it’s part time it makes the brain free itself of inhibitions that it wouldn’t do if it were full time, but, honestly speaking, I’m not so sure about this for many conditions of long term domination in couples there are no good data on the impact it has on sexual pleasure, particularly orgasms.

“I want to once more emphasize that the more I convinced a woman that she’s losing control and surrendering it to others, which is usually me and occasionally in the presence of another woman but mostly done verbally, the greater the sexual experience. Notice, I said, when speaking of the physical presence of another or ménage à trois, I mention a woman and not man, but do bring up men in verbal domination acts. Though a number of women have expressed their fantasies to me with actually being with two men, that’s another story which maybe we can talk about in a future post. But I want to make it clear that I’ve only been with another man and lady once, and it’s not for me. Chacun à son goût.

“As I said in previous posts but will repeat: in my adventures, straight sex thrills are no match for slave- domination-seduction sex. Though I have little personal follow-up get togethers with my ladies, there’s little doubt that once a woman experiences mental-physical orgasms, she’ll find it more difficult to have a climax by straight sex alone unless she has the capacity to fantasize her past slavery scenes during the act. But, even if she never experience such scenes, there’s little doubt in my mind that such scenes come to mind in a number of them simply because many told me this after their first actual experience with me. I cannot emphasize enough how it’s embedded in the goddamn BGL of the brain, like the food-hunger center, and how few know how to release and enjoy it and it’s probably due to the fact that it can become a dangerous thing.

“Lorenzo, here are some other points that I’ve mentioned in the past but will repeat: the more attractive and intelligent a woman the more she loves  slavery scenarios, but it’s more difficult for them to let loose; recreational drugs can be the bridge from the almost impossible to the possible, but I’m not talking about heavy use. Highly effective slavery talk frequently involves a scene where the woman loses control to another woman along with me or her boyfriend or her husband loses control to her best girlfriend or other types of scenes like this. You have to probe to find out about certain facts or feelings before you move forward or else it will be counterproductive. But once more and to emphasize, selective physical punishment is part of the verbal slavery scene, and it must be at the right dose. If too light or too heavy the woman may turn off. In everything I do, dosing is key!”

“G, I hate to interrupt you, but how many times has it been counterproductive with you?”

There followed an unusually long pause followed by light laughter. “Lorenzo, now don’t ask me to explain but I can recall maybe one or two times when I thought the opportunity was there, and the lady shut me down.”

Then there followed another unusually long pause which puzzled me for I didn’t ask him a question. He, as usual when he’s in deep thought, was heavily puffing on his pipe. Then he kind of let loose on things that have been on his mind. “Lorenzo, in domination or slavery scenes, the right way to perform muff diving and clitoris manipulation are almost always key to reach the highest level of sexual perfection and satisfaction. Before we made the decision to write the book, I began to view porno videos- and still do- on the computer, and what I see is both laughable and sad. They’ve got to be kidding. The scenes on cunnilingus and manual clitoral manipulation are for the amateurs. I’m sorry I said these things for I sound like a snob, and I take them back. Because of the natural sensitivity of various pelvic zones, just a little stimulation, unsophisticated as it might be, can and should do the job bringing about the desired orgasms. Evolution knows we all can’t be great lovers, so it makes easier to become sexually excited, copulate and have babies in order to propagate the race. After all, that’s what it’s all originally about.

“What I’m talking about has nothing to do with the purpose of evolution to make babies but a higher level of pleasure based on these sexual evolutionary gifts which few experience before their sexual life is put to sleep. There are two magnificent acts which I’ll talk about in the next two posts both of which, though tough they have great value in general, have a spectacular effect in domination or slavery encounters. The first is the art of muff diving or MD which has no relationship to what is portrayed as cunnilingus in the videos. Not close. I call it the GMD which represents my personal detailed way of doing it where the face actually becomes physically and emotionally one with the pelvic perineal zone. The second deals with the unexplored clitoris which has all kinds of unexplored, hidden sensitivity zones which women don’t even know they have and how to search for and activate them.”

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