Where’s the Largest Phallus? In the Plant or Animal Kingdom?

Lorenzo Baccalà


Throughout history the size of a man’s phallus has been a hot topic of discussion and, generally speaking, the bigger it is the more one is impressed. Romans, unlike the Greeks, were enthralled with large penises. One Roman wrote, “If from the baths you hear a round of applause, Maron’s giant prick is bound to be the cause.” Occasionally, Roman soldiers were promoted to higher levels, even to generals, based on the size of their penises. Maybe we should do this with our politicians – and maybe not. On the other hand, let’s bury the thought!

Today, it’s claimed that John Falcon has the largest living human penis measuring 13.5 inches. Regarding the gods, Priapus wins the prize. He was the son of the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality, Aphrodite, and the lust for-life god, Dionysius. It is said that Priapus’s penis was about 2 feet long.

Which brings…

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