Womanizers, Manwhores, Sluts and Pigs Part II

Lorenzo Baccalà


 I’ll begin with my often repeated mantra that sex studies, especially surveys, are mostly faulty and conclusions not to be fully embraced. But, even so, certainly some clues of what’s happening can be made. The same holds true with this mini-survey that G and I conducted coupled with our many years of experience.

In a recent post we discussed what, in the past, men and women thought about and characterized sexually promiscuous men and women.  The men called the women sluts or pigs but, nevertheless, were eager to hit the sack with them. They were not viewed with any particular emotion such as disgust but there was a 100% consensus that they would never even think to marry one. Once in a while a guy fell for a pig and invariably paid the price of jealousy and suffering.

 The women labeled promiscuous men as “lovers” or “ladies men.” This was…

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