Do Women’s Breasts and Buttocks Rate Higher Than Their Faces? What do you think?

Lorenzo Baccalà

Let me begin by repeating my mantra: The conclusions of clinical studies on sex are often highly questionable and faulty. And so is the one discussed in this post. On the other hand, it does, in part, confirm what’s been going on between men and women thousands of years before the Neanderthals.

A study conducted by psychologist, Sarah Gervais, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which was published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, reported that, on initial encounters, both men and women view women more by their curvaceous body parts than by their faces. The more curvaceous she is the more attention is paid to her breasts and rump and much less to her face. The author finds this disturbing because it makes women victims of objectification. Objectification, as I read it, is an insulting and degrading act of prejudice which diminishes the value of a woman.  She seems…

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