Women, Greater Expectations and a Victoria Milan Survey

guinness for blog

In my previous post on volume sex, I mentioned that women have “greater expectations” than men when it comes to copulating. For that reason, I concluded that women would tire of volume sex, sex with many partners, before men do. Shortly after, I read about a survey in the Huffington Post conducted by Victoria Milan, which is a dating service for married people looking to have an affair. The survey included over 4000 members.  It’s not clear whether they were all married or not because the word “partner” is used instead of a married person. As some of you know, I am very suspicious of the results of many surveys and studies but there was one result in this survey that I must respect because of the large size of the number. Eighty-nine percent of women reported that they “feel more appreciated” with their partners! This clearly supports women having greater expectations than men which significantly impacts their sexual behavior.

There was mention of another survey conducted by Ashley Madison, another dating service for restless married men and women, which found that cheating men prefer Guinness beer. Though I’m not sure whether this is true or not, let’s make the assumption that it is. The question is how can we use this finding to increase fidelity and decrease flexidelity? Here’s one suggestion to begin with: wives should see whether there’s Guinness in the refrigerator?

Any other ideas?

Let us know what you think!

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